Cels Reviews: Janni Lee Simner's - "Bones of Faerie"

The war between our world and that of Faerie, all but annihilated both sides. The magic left behind has warped nature; the tree’s no longer just crave air, sun and water but blood and bone as well. The tech has all been destroyed and life is one day of back breaking work after the other. Even the simple task of growing food can be deadly- these day’s all the plants have minds of their own. Venturing out alone into the dark is to be avoided at all costs- none ever comes back, and those born with the traits of the faerie must be put to death.

Liza once had a newborn sister, born with the tell-tale pale hair as clear as glass and eyes as silver as moonlight; she is left to die on hillside the very night of her birth. After all her Father is nothing but a sensible man and it is his rules that have kept their Town relatively safe from the scourge of magic since the war’s end. Unfortunately for Liza not only is she too late to save her sister, her Mother runs away soon after and worse of all, she finds her own kind of magic blossoming. She must run to not only save her life, but to ensure she does no harm.  But has she been told the truth about magic and Faerie all this time? Is there a place for magic still left in the world?

“Bones of Faerie” so transfixed me from the very beginning, I was over a 100 pages through before it felt like I even remembered to breathe.  Liza’s world is dark and dangerous and has the feel of a twisted fairy-tale. There are hidden dangers to overcome, monsters that lurk in the shadow and an overwhelming sense of malice that will leave your heart thumping. The plot is so deeply woven with secrets, twisted truths and danger that at times you will be tempted to run under the nearest rock and hide- or just be extremely thankful it’s Liza and co in the thick of it and not you. This is Simner’s first novel for young adults and she has certainly made her subject her own. This is fresh and takes the whole Fae/Human relations to a whole new level yet remains loyal to long held “beliefs”.

Both worlds are described so visually you are instantly transported to the deep dark forest or standing in the barren remains of Faerie being coated with the falling ash.

The character development is strong with all the mains and secondaries alike leaping off the pages. The magic is intoxicating and will leave you wishing for your own. This is a heartbreaking tale of one girl’s quest to find her destiny.

“Bones of Faerie” is followed by “Faerie Winter” and if it is anywhere near as good as its predecessor, I may just need a life support system so I don’t forget to breathe.

Bones of Faerie- Janni Lee Simner

Random House Australia


247 Pages

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