Cels Reviews: Janni Lee Simner's - "Faerie Winter"

In the stunning sequel to “Bones of Faerie”, we again find ourselves in the thick of mayhem and magic and sinister intentions. Liza is slowly coming to terms with the aftermath of all she learnt- but there are still more secrets lurking in the dark.

Winter has hit with full force and life in Liza’s little town has changed. Her father is gone and those born after the war are no longer hiding their magic and slowly learning to control it – Liza included.  But when she discovers a young child’s burned body in the forest, and brings another burnt youth to town for healing, she finds herself inadvertently again stepping into great danger. The “Lady” is earth side, determined to finish what the war started once and for all- and Liza finds herself firmly in her grasp.

Sometimes when we are given a sequel to a book that is so astounding you end up feeling cheated and wishing the author had stopped at just one, happily this isn’t one of them. In fact it stands on its own two feet and retains the brilliance of its predecessor.

Yet again I fell head over heels for Liza and her world and had devoured the book before I knew what hit me. Liza has grown and so has the malice. The “Lady” will gracefully, and with great evil, shatter any misconceptions about Fae/Human relations you may still cling to, and smile all the while. Her character is so twisted yet beautiful you too will find yourself under her glamour along with Liza.  Simner has deftly taken her world and added an extra layer that will delight and terrify and the same time. And the action is even more heart stopping.

The character development again continues to amaze. Liza is, of course, more scarred and battle worn but at the same time retains her spark without becoming jaded. Here we meet new characters to both have us hiding under the covers and falling in love with, and re-meet and get to know some old ones all the more.   The action is as thick and fast as the first and the fight scene a beauty to behold. The ending is strong and beautiful, but left in a way that there could be more to come (I hope).

Faerie Winter and Bones of Faerie have fast become two of my most loved novels of the year, if you like your fiction a little dark and sometimes downright terrifying they could very well make your top list too.

Faerie Winter- Janni Lee Simner

Random House Australia


270 Pages

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