Cels Reviews: John Flanagan's - "The Lost Stories"

Ever wanted to know the truth behind the legends of the Rangers of Araluen? Well now you can.

Even if you haven’t had the pleasure of delving into one of the Ranger’s adventures as yet- you have probably heard of the series. For the past seven years it has fuelled imaginations from the youngest bracket of the YA market right through to adults. Now some of our most burning questions are answered. Using inspiration from fan questions and letters, Flanagan has composed a collection of 11 short stories that are an absolute delight and full of fantastic answers that will still leave you wanting more. Packed with the same awe- inspiring action and stellar characters of the previous novels in the series, you will find each story flies by in the blink of an eye.  Even if you haven’t read the entire series, the stories are crafted in a way that will not leave you feeling lost at all.

For me there were three stories in the collection that stood from the rest. “The Wolf” is vivid and packed with action. The scene is carved into your mind right from the very first paragraph and doesn’t let go. The wolf’s pain and suffering becomes your own and although you should surely hope for his capture, you can’t help but hoping he slips away. Will’s heartbreak at the thought of losing Tug is poignant and you may just find yourself reading between the tears. Thankfully for all fans of a certain little pony, there is a happy ending of sorts.

“Foreword” sets the scene for the whole collection perfectly.  And it’s just plain clever.  You feel completely drawn in from the very get-go and using characters to find the lost stories we are about to read, makes the whole world become a little more real.

“The Fragment” is the shortest section of the book and will leave you desperate for more. The intrigue is raised up another notch and although you have just been on one heck of a journey of discovery, it lets you know without a doubt more secrets are hidden in the midst of time.

My least favourite was “The Bridal Dance”. This was mainly because there were too many characters and inter-woven relationships for me to grasp at once. It has nothing to do with the way it was written or the storyline itself, but my lack of knowledge of the series.

Although this is mainly aimed at the die-hard fans, new and first time readers to the series may also find the in-depth look a fantastic way to start the adventure, without too many spoilers. There is also an excerpt of Flanagan’s new series- “Brotherband” set in the same world but with a whole new batch of characters to get to know.

So if you’re a Ranger’s fan or know someone who is- make sure you pick up a copy and lay some of those burning questions to rest.

The Lost Stories- John Flanagan

Random House Australia


500 Pages

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