Cels Reviews: Josephine Angelini's - "Dreamless"

“Their love could last forever- If it doesn’t destroy them first.”

Left heartbroken after the family revelations that have forbidden her relationship with Lucas, Helen must now face time in hell – literally. Tasked with breaking the curse that divides the Scion’s, Helen spends her nights wandering through the Underworld, trying desperately to find a way to put an end to the Furies. She’s running out of time though. Enemies are starting to gather and Helen’s endurance is just about at its limit.

One night, Helen stumbles across another person in the Underworld. Orion, a descendent of Adonis certainly lives up to expectations and with the power to control desire; he may just be the answer Helen has been searching for. Can she finally leave her feelings for Lucas buried in the past, or could the choice that saves her life totally shatter her heart? Can anyone really outrun fate?

“Dreamless” is the  sequel to the best-selling “Starcrossed” and yet again Angelini has delivered a compelling tale.  This time around, the action is hotter than ever and our team of Scion’s continue to unearth more gifts and curses that will have you just a little jealous, but at the same time relieved that you are completely one hundred percent mortal yourself.

Helen certainly finds her feet and her voice is stronger and more hypnotising than ever.  Her journey is so transfixing that you will be more than happy to spend a few sleepless nights wandering around the Underworld right alongside her. The love story does take more of a back seat this time around, as outside forces combine to keep our two “ star-crossed” lovers firmly apart. But it still maintains the theme that fate will not be outwitted.

I absolutely adore the way Angelini has laced Ancient Greek mythology throughout the plot in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like it’s all one big history lesson.  Our leading cast shine, mortal and Scion alike, and the handful of God’s we get to meet face to face, and the beasties that hide in the shadows, all leap right from the page.

If you haven’t read this series as yet, seriously what are you waiting for? This is by far one of the best YA’s I’ve had the pleasure of discovering and I will certainly keep coming back to Helen’s world time and time again.

Dreamless (Starcrossed #2) –Josephine Angelini

Pan Macmillan


503 Pages

Released May 22nd 2012

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