Cels Reviews: Kate Harrison's - "Soul Fire"

Welcome back to the beach – things are about to get even hotter.

Alice is still spending time with her sister on the pristine shores of “Soul Beach”, an online paradise for the young, beautiful and dead. But even paradise can become stifling and after Alice helped a young girl be set free, more and more of the “guests” are looking for her assistance.

If Alice can finally solve the mystery surrounding her sister’s murder than maybe Meggie too can be set free – but will that mean that Alice will lose her all over again? As if the drama on the beach wasn’t enough to deal with, the anniversary of Meggie’s death is fast approaching and it seems her killer has lined up yet another victim. Alice is sure she’s getting closer to uncovering the killer’s identity but the killer is getting closer to Alice too …

“Soul Fire” is the second stunning instalment in Harrison’s first YA trilogy and just as addictive and mind blowing as the first. This is the blend of mystery, paranormal and teen romance that will have readers of all ages utterly spellbound.

As every little piece of the puzzle is discovered, it seems four more turn up in its place and you will find yourself double guessing everyone right along with Alice. In this instalment,we spend more time in the real world and life on the beach takes more of a back seat. But that certainly doesn’t mean the malice and intrigue are any less. Harrison has done a brilliant job at hiding her perp in plain sight and as the cast of secondary characters expand you certainly won’t know who to trust or who to run from.

Not only has Alice matured in this instalment but so has the killer. He or she certainly seem to be getting more adept at completing their ghastly deeds without the authorities even realising, and even the reader starts to wonder just how delusional life on the beach may have made Alice.

“Soul Fire” has left me even more invested in the outcome of Alice and Meggie’s tale and it will be an excruciating wait to finally uncover just what really happened and the true secrets behind the beach.

This is a perfect, adrenalin filled ride and certainly a series to watch. Just make sure you read “Soul Beach” first for the full experience.  Harrison has handled a complex and emotional topic with sensitivity and given it her own fresh new spin. Life on the beach can certainly be addictive.

Soul Fire- Kate Harrison


399 Pages

ISBN: 9781780620237

Released: 10th July 2012

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