Cels Reviews: Kristin Cashore—"Fire"

“Her beauty is a weapon–and Fire is going to use it”

The second instalment in Cashore’s Seven Kingdoms saga introduces us to a whole new bunch of  terrifically terrifying beasties and a cast of new characters to fall in love with, or to loathe with all our being. Our protagonist, Fire, is the last human monster. A stunningly beautiful creature with the ability to read minds and control others through implanting her own thoughts and will, Fire easily could have been the villain of the piece, just like her father before her.  Fire’s strength of character and strong sense of right and wrong instead give us a heroine to fall head over heels for; and she teaches us a few valuable lessons along the way.

Fire finds herself on a path of destiny where she must embrace her powers and cast her fears aside to play her part in saving her Kingdom. Having spent most of her life hiding away, at first Fire comes across as full of insecurity and deep self loathing for what she is and what she is capable of. Fire not only has to come to terms with the awful legacy her father left behind but also carve her own niche in a world where just what she is gives most enough reason to do away with her.

While being the second in the series, Fire is set in such different circumstances to Graceling that it works well as a stand-alone or first trip into Cashore; it is an intoxicating and brilliantly woven world full of magic,murder,mayhem and intricate court politics. Fans of Graceling will also find themselves breathless with meeting the Infant Leck and rising along as his early life unfolds. This frightening look into the young mind of such an evil and dangerous Graceling adds an enjoyable extra dose of spice.

Fire packs a powerful punch. It will hold you transfixed and let your imagination soar in a blur of pages. I certainly can’t wait to see just what magic Cashore weaves next.

Fire–Kristin Cashore

Published 1 July, 2010, by Orion Books

Paperback, 400 Pages

ISBN: 978-0-575-08513-8

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