Cels Reviews: L. J. Smith—"The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries Vol. 1"

The year is 1864 and 17-year-old Stefan Salvatore is grudgingly accepting the future his father has laid out for him: becoming betrothed to a girl he doesn’t love to strengthen the family’s standing, learning the ropes to one day take over the running of the plantation and trying to keep the peace between his Father and Damon. That is until the beautiful and intoxicating Kathryn Pierce comes to stay and Stefan finds himself head over heels and craving her company. Unfortunately, Stefan isn’t the only one to find himself drawn to Kathryn—life as Stefan knows it is about to end, literally.

Origins brings us the history behind the love triangle and sibling rivalry that will span centuries and has had readers and TV viewers left desperate for more. Covering the period from just before that first fateful meeting until just after Stefan and Damon are turned, Origins answers a lot of questions and gives us a glimpse into a softer, very human Damon and Stefan, and a seemingly non-evil Kathryn. You will find yourself mourning the loss of such a close and endearing relationship between the brothers. Although it’s by no means perfect, with its brotherly competition, the dynamic is far removed from the barely maintained truce we later see. Kathryn has always been my least favourite character in both adaptations; in fact, I’m usually rooting for someone to finally give her what she deserves. But, surprisingly, I found myself liking this seemingly innocent version of Kathryn, as seen through Stefan’s eyes.

Origins will delight fans of  both the books and the TV adaptation, as well as hooking those new to the series. It has certainly become my favourite of the series. A fast paced  and sometimes nail biting trip down Stefan’s memory lane, Origins is the perfect book to curl up and spend an afternoon with some of the hottest Vamps right now. It certainly does seem true that, in Stefan and Damon’s case, “Love Sucks”.

The Vampire Diaries- Stefan’s Diaries Vol 1 Origins

Based on the Novels By L J Smith

Published by Harper Teen

Paperback, 350 pages


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