Cels Reviews: Lara Morgan's - "The Rosie Black Chronicles - Equinox"

Rosie Black is back and so is the danger. She had hoped after destroying the Helios base on Mars and exposing their part in MalX epidemic that they would disappear. If only fairy-tales came true. As if Helios wanting her dead wasn’t enough, someone has leaked footage of her administering the MalX cure to her Dad. Now the Senate want a piece of her too. Once again Rosie must try to save her own life and the lives of those she loves. And deal with the rivalry between the two hot guys who both want to claim her heart. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Equinox certainly pumps up the action, amps up the mistrust and has our hearts in our mouths the whole time.

Rosie is stronger, smarter and more determined than ever to bring Helios down once and for all- and once again she’s bringing the fight to their doorstep. This time Rosie is leading the charge rather than finding herself suddenly wrapped up in the fight.  There is no Space adventure in this volume; instead we spend our time exploring a bit more of post-melt Australia, and the adventure is just as terrifying and delightful. Most of our favourite players from the first volume are back and there are plenty of new faces to discover. Although some of them will have you wanting to turn on your heel and run as fast and far as you can. It’s also an absolute brainteaser trying to figure out just who can be trusted and will keep you guessing right up to the very end.

If like me, you’re often wary of a sequel especially after such a stellar first instalment, Morgan has not let us down. The character development is just as strong; the plot is still as twisted and complex as its predecessor and still packs the same knockout punch. Morgan’s world is rich with schemes, adventure and a beautiful tale of first love and ultimates sacrifices. Equinox easily lives up to Genesis and takes the story another notch higher. The cliff-hanger ending surely assures that Rosie will be back- and no doubt better than ever.

The  Rosie Black Chronicles-Equinox

Lara Morgan

Walker Books


Released November 1st 2011

  • shania

    can you make the book into a movie. i love this book.

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