Cels Reviews: Lara Morgan's - "The Rosie Black Chronicles: Genesis"

It’s 500 years into the future and the world is certainly a different place. The Melt has come and gone, and the city of Newperth is divided into three factions. The haves, known as the “Centrals”; the have-nots, the “Bankers” and those that dwell on society’s fringe, the “Ferals”.

16 year old Rosie Black is a Banker dreaming off a future among the stars, following in her Aunt’s footsteps as a spaceship pilot. Rosie’s life is anything but idyllic, but when she finds a box while exploring the old city- she has no idea of the explosive secrets hidden within. With her life on the line, Rosie is forced to rely on two complete strangers. But can she trust Pip- the Feral she finds herself falling for, or his mysterious boss?

From Earth to Mars, Rosie needs to keep one step ahead and hope to discover the truth before it’s too late.

I absolutely adored Rosie’s story. Evil corporations, deadly disease, space travel, blossoming romance and one kick butt adventure all team up to make this one thrill ride of a read. This is post-apocalyptic fiction at its best.

This is Morgan’s first YA offering and it certainly delivers on heck of a punch. Morgan’s voice is unique and she has created a world full of depth and intrigue that will draw you in from the very first page.

Despite Rosie finding herself thrown into a world of chaos that even the most resourceful adult would have a hard time dealing with, she handles it all with courage and determination. The inter-play between the characters on both sides is a delight. From the utterly evil you just want to rid the world of once and for all, to the sweet affection budding despite the mistrust- this will take you through every emotion and leave you hanging for more.  The mix of ages in our central cast of “good guys” is a wonderful addition and it’s a wonderful change to see Rosie work alongside the adults rather than see them as added obstacles to overcome.

The plot mainly centres on the age old struggle of “good versus evil”, but Morgan has made it her own and the struggle feels fresh and brand new. The imagination is stretched into hyper-drive with the vivid descriptions of this whole new world so similar, yet uniquely different.

I certainly can’t wait to dive into the next instalment- the soon to be released Equinox.

The Rosie Black Chronicles- Genesis- Lara Morgan.

Walker Books


454 Pages

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