Cels Reviews: Madeline Roux's - "Sadie Walker is Stranded"

Welcome to the world of your worst nightmare.  The Outbreak has devastated humanity and life as we know it and those that have survived are busy trying to scrape back some sense of the life that went before. Seattle has become a walled fortress, rife with crime, black market dealings and extreme religious cults. Despite it all, Sadie and her nephew Shane have found some sense of safety, after all the Infected are kept firmly at bay by the wall. But when Sadie is betrayed and Shane is stolen and the Infected break through, the only escape is by water and she’s seen for herself the fate that met those who tried that last time. Sadie must face fears that may just be worse than the hordes of Zombie’s in pursuit.

Zombies. We’ve all thought about how we would survive if it ever happened at least once. Heck in my house where the male equivalent outweighs the female, it has become dinner table conversation more than once. I used to think I had a fair chance of surviving but after entering the world Roux has created, I’m not so sure.

Sadie Walker is Stranded” is the follow up novel to “Allison Hewitt is Trapped” and drops us right back into the action, gore and fight for our lives. We are introduced to a whole new cast and a fresh new writing style that will hook you right from the beginning. This is more than just scare-the-pants-off -you zombie fiction. It truly is an amazing account of survival despite all the odds – and the unrelenting strength of the human spirit.

Roux has gifted us with a twisted road trip of epic proportions that despite the high gore level and often confronting scenes, just plain works.   Even if zombies aren’t your normal “villain” of choice, the lessons learnt the characters and fantastic plot makes this series one to definitely brave the frights to read.

Sadie spoke to me from the very first meeting and there was a softness about her that had me vested in her survival. In addition to fighting for her own life, she has to find her feet as an almost instant mother. This upped the ante to a whole new level. It also added an extra “human” feel despite the “ick” factor.

If you haven’t read Allison’s story, I strongly recommend you do before joining Sadie’s. This is a completely different experience to the first book. It still maintains the same intensity and action that made the Allison’s journey outstanding but with Sadie the focus has slightly shifted. Even though the Infected pose just as much of a risk, we are now months into the Outbreak and they have become more of a part of life. The urgency has lessened and the reader has more time to think through actions and decisions before they have to be taken. These are ordinary everyday people who, through extraordinary circumstances, find the strength to start to re-make the world.

So for those of you who like myself have always been sure you’d survive. Enter Roux’s world and put your belief to the test. The lessons learnt here may just help save your life.

Sadie Walker is Stranded- Madeline Roux



Released:10th January 2012

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