Cels Reviews: N.D. Wilson's - "The Dragon's Tooth"

Since their world was torn apart two years ago, siblings Cyrus, Antigone and Daniel Smith have run made their homes at a run-down Archer Motel.  Here, amongst the faded carpet, rusting walkways and pool complete with a cracked bottom, life has settled into somewhat of a hum-drum routine. That is until the strange old Billy Bones with his skeleton tattoos and mysterious manner turns up requesting a room.

Within 24 hours Billy is dead, the motel in ashes and Daniel is missing. And for Cyrus and Antigone life just turned upside down all over again. Suddenly, they find themselves on their knees, swearing an oath to an order of explorers who have long served as the caretakers for the world’s secrets. The keepers of the most powerful relics from civilisations long lost, and the jailers to the unkillable criminals who have terrorised mankind for millennia.  Now the Smith’s are in the criminal’s crosshairs and have a lot of lessons to learn to get Daniel back before his time runs out.

The Dragon’s Tooth has all the markings of becoming the next must-read especially for boys aged 10 and up. Full of high octane action and adventure, traitorous behaviour and of course the much loved “chosen child finds his path” theme, The Dragon’s Tooth is reality based fantasy at its best.

The world building is absolutely superb and the hidden twist and turns throughout the plot will keep you double guessing throughout. The relationship between Cyrus and Antigone, in particular, is beautiful to behold and certainly adds another dimension to the already fantastic tale.  The fact that the two youngest siblings were the ones tasked with saving the older one also added to my enjoyment. Here we get to see two fairly ordinary kids face the toughest forms of adversity the author could throw at them and not only beat the odds but thrive.

There is an overly “boyish” feel to the story, I was stuck with a “rough and tumble” vibe and even though Antigone’s trials and tribulations are just as full on, Cyrus still strongly emerges as the lead player, whether intentional or not.  That’s not to say girls won’t also enjoy the tale- I certainly did and quite frankly Cyrus as the “lead” just plain worked.

The Dragon’s Tooth is the first in the Ashtown Burials series and despite being aimed at younger readers, it’s one of those fantastic and beautifully written books all ages will enjoy.

The Dragon’s Tooth- Ashtown Burials Book 1

N.D. Wilson

Random House Australia


482 Pages

Released  Feb 1 2012

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