Cels Reviews: Rachel Caine's - "Last Breath"

Life in Morganville is more often than not dangerous; blood will be shed one way or another. No one knows this better than the residents of Glass House. But this time there’s an even Bigger Bad than the town’s vamps, and Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael find themselves on the front line once again.

Last Breath is the 11th instalment in the best-selling Morganville Vampires series and yet again goes off with a bang. From hidden threats your mind can’t comprehend, an extra dose of malice and mayhem, and a Big Bad to end all Big Bad’s, Caine has yet again delivered a heart-stopping thrill ride.

Morganville is a place like no other. Caine has created a believable world where vamps and humans can co-exists (although not always with harmony) and inter-laced it with character relationships that keep us coming back again and again. The plot is action packed and never lets up leaving you on the edge of your seat. The character development is superb and whether you love them or love to hate them, they are intoxicating all the same. I particularly love the way Caine has developed her vampires. Even though they are quite often the villain of the piece, with their strong and differing personalities, weaknesses and quirks, they still retain a human element underneath the predator.

For fans who have been worried this will be our last trip to Morganville, the cliff-hanger ending ensures at least one more adventure with the Glass House crew. And for those of you who are yet to discover the delights and frights of life in Morganville; there is enough background information given that you won’t be out of the loop. So pack your bags and grab the silver nitrate – Morganville’s waiting for you.

Last Breath- Rachel Caine

Penguin- Between the Lines


444 Pages

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