Cels Reviews: Stacey Kade—"The Ghost and the Goth"

Alona Dare seems to have it all- looks,popularity, the hottest guy in school on her arm and an attitude to match. But when she wakes up dead after a run in with a school bus, the only person who can help her find the light is the biggest outcast in school. It’s certainly not the afterlife she was expecting.

Will Killman has spent most of his life hiding his gift and hoping the dead don’t work out he can see or hear them; but that was before the recently departed cheerleading captain started haunting him. Now he finds himself stuck trying to help her solve her issues- as if he didn’t have enough of his own.

The Ghost and The Goth offers a lighthearted take on the whole life after death conundrum that will leave you dying for more. Quick witted and laugh out loud funny, Will and Alona shatter the stereotypes and what starts out as a begrudging truce soon turns into a beautiful friendship, as each slowly shed the face they show the world and show the true person underneath. The tale is told from both points of view: the lead alternating with each chapter which keeps the story fresh and the plot hopping along. And the intriguing and sometimes disturbing mix of secondary characters will have your interest piqued to such an extent you will find yourself surprised at how fast the pages have flown by.

All in all, this is one of those wonderful, fast reads that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

The Ghost and The Goth is the first in the series with Queen of the Dead hitting bookshelves May 31 2011.

The Ghost and The Goth– Stacey Kade

Published by Hyperion


Hardback, 281 Pages

Check out Stacey Kade’s little spot on the web here.

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