Chris Glabb on The Red Carpet

Chris G_TNI thought it seemed appropriate that I did a Red Carpet Killer Outfits post because of all the red carpet events around this time of the year. Below, I choose my favourite 5 from 2014.



RC 1


Model, Cara Delevingne looks totally stunning in this metallic dress at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival. I think glittery dresses are sooo popular at these award shows because the dress takes on a whole new look depending on where they are! If they’re on the carpet, it’ll have a reflective red sheer. If they’re sitting down in a brown theater, it’ll have a brown hue to it. The possibilities are absolutely endless with this incredible dress.


RC 2


Singer, Taylor Swift rocks an incredible pairing of a low-cut crop top, and a high-rise skirt with a slit up the side at the ACM Awards. The cut shows off her rocking legs and toned tummy. She looks great in an easy white on black outfit, and her signature red lip adds a little pop to her otherwise bland outfit. She’s also killing beach waves which accentuates her very pretty doll-like face.


RC 3


Singer, Rita Ora is also wearing a silver dress. This one has the unique cut – off the shoulder, one long-sleeve, one no-sleeve, ankle long maxi. Her stylist clearly knows what (s)he is doing because the smoky eye adds a bad girl look. I don’t totally agree with the braided updo, quiff style because it makes her look a little boyish. However, her tanned skin totally stands out in the mi, and I love it. Blond, tanned, and glittery. Nothing wrong with that!


RC 4


Actress Jessica Alba wears an incredible haute-couture gold shimmery dress to the 2014 ESPY Awards. The dress cuts right around the knee, and the shoulders remind me of something that would be worn by a Tribute in ‘The Hunger Games’. I think the thing that is wrong with this outfit is the lip. The colour is too light, and should’ve been a plum, or even a black? It’s a little risky, but I think it would work out in the end.


RC 5


Finally, last but not least is the glamorous Katy Perry at the Grammy Awards. This dress is totally AH-MAY-ZING!!!!!! It starts out like any regular dress, but as it goes down, music notes are added to this flowy number. I cannot get enough of this dress! I wish it was socially acceptable to wear a red carpet dress multiple times because this would never get old. This dress is fun and whimsical! It’s totally dreamy.


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