Chris on Clothes: Men's Skin Care

Chris G_TNI’m super lucky to have been blessed enough to be born to parents who both don’t get acne, and to not have acne myself. Although, I know that’s not the case for every teen guy, and for the girls, there are tons of products (and probably a female figure who will help you with this kind of stuff)! So, I’ve devised a few full-proof acne removing treatments, that are male approved!

Not only will they help with your zit moderation, but you’ll look better, feel better and be more confident after doing these simple steps.

Keep reading to enjoy! 🙂

CC_skincare1. Wash your face!
If you shower at night, wash your face in the morning!

If you shower in the morning, wash your face at night before bed!

It’s an easy routine to remember and I’m sure it’ll greatly improve your acne situation, by cleaning your pores, and not trapping all that funky stuff underneath. Even if you don’t have acne, this is a great routine to fall into, as it keeps you looking fresh too!

2. Get more sleep!

According to a study in sleep, for every hour of sleep you lose, it adds 14% more stress on your body! Imagine what all that stress is doing to your face! Let’s just put it this way… It’s not doing any good. So, if you can get a few extra hours of sleep throughout the week, whether that’s going to bed a bit earlier, or napping after school, it’d be appreciated by your anatomy.

3. Cut back.

No, I don’t mean cut back on your work, or stress. I mean your sugar consumption! There’s a direct correlation between sugar and acne. There’s no arguing that what you eat will affect you! Yes, I know it’s harder than it sounds! Trust me, if you knew me, you’d know I eat more sugar than advised for 10 kids my age. But, if you’re suffering from break outs, I think it’s worth it!

4. Drink up.

Water too, is a great way to do some zit control. I’m again, guilty of this. I’d rather drink coffee, and slurpees than a glass of water most days, but like the sugar, it’s a sacrifice you’ve gotta make in order to clean up your look.

5. Buy something

This is the one I was avoiding, but if you’ve done all this, and you’re still not where you wanna be, I’d consider buying some Proactiv or something along those lines. I know those are generally more geared towards the females, but I mean, Adam Levine uses it, and you can too.

I hope this helped you all with your skin care worries! Be happy, be healthy and be zit free with these steps!

Chris 🙂

P.S. For the odd zit, put a bit of toothpaste on it, and leave that for a while. (preferably overnight, although if you’re short for time, half an hour will do just fine) The toothpaste should help dry that little sucker right out, clearing it up a bit more.

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