Chris on Clothes: YouTube Fashionistas

Chris G_TNChris Glabb picks his top two fashion YouTubers for you to check out!


Bethany Mota:

To anyone who knows anything about YouTubers, it’s not gonna be any surprise that Bethany Mota made the list. This beauty guru is well known for her makeup tutorials and classic “Tumblr Inspired” outfits. I mean, she came out of nowhere and took over YouTube with her crazy following of nearly 9,000,000! Let’s look at her style shall we?







Connor Franta:

I absolutely adore Connor Franta! I think he’s the leading man, the founding father if you will (you probably won’t because that wasn’t very clever) of YouTubers fashion.

Here are a few things that I love that Connor has worn!







Christopher Glabb:

Y’all know I’m also a YouTuber right?

If not, you can always watch a few videos here:


Also, you can read my personal blog here:

Chris 🙂

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