At Burn Bright we love a diversity of opinions and voice, so we run several columns.

[intlink id=”10″ type=”category”]The Daily Cannon[/intlink] is for general site news and MDP blog posts.

[intlink id=”4″ type=”category”]Bec Says[/intlink] by Bec Stafford is a series of thoughtful, incisive blogs from our site manager, incorporating writing advice, mythology and Wonder Woman.

[intlink id=”205″ type=”category”]Bec’s DMC’s[/intlink] – these interviews with authors are intimate, in depth, face-to-face conversations, recorded and transcribed.

[intlink id=”9″ type=”category”]By-the-Bel[/intlink] by Belinda Hamilton is a funny, witty column covering a host of topics from Tips for Dating Supernatural Creatures, Steampunk 101 right through to the complexities of How to Choose a Fathers Day Present.

[intlink id=”258″ type=”category”]Cels Says[/intlink] by Cels Jansink ¬†looks into the history and myth surrounding magical creatures.

[intlink id=”11″ type=”category”]Jamie Says[/intlink] by Jamie Marriage has a leaning towards topics that involve the cyberpunk and comic fantasy genres. He’s a big fan of William Gibson and Terry Pratchett.

[intlink id=”807″ type=”category”]Diana\’s Game Reviews[/intlink] from Diana Pinguicha our resident game expert.

[intlink id=”282″ type=”category”]For Vamps[/intlink] is where we tuck away all the reviews and blogs that will appeal to vampire lovers.

[intlink id=”700″ type=”category”]Burn Bright Book Club[/intlink] is our monthly chosen book club book reviewed by Belinda, Krista and Lisa

You can find these columns by the link above or through the CATEGORIES section in the left hand sidebar.

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