Trumpets! Drums! Lights! Megaphones!

As of mid 2013 the NIGHT CREATURES series will be available in paperback and e-book worldwide through Amazon (so far it only been available in Australia and New Zealand from the wonderful Random House Aus Teens). As soon as we have some details on exact dates YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW!!! (We’re hoping May or June!)

We’ll be starting a countdown, doing give-aways, standing on our heads, doing back flips – you name it! We’ll have banners and badges for you to put on your sites, it’s going to be HUUUGGE!

Join us for all the fun, help us spread the word that NIGHT CREATURES IS COMING TO THE REST OF THE WORLD!

The first piece of news I can share with you is that the series will have new covers. Now I know you LOVE these ones(and so do I!), but AUSTIN DESIGNWORKS will be doing the new covers, and they are seriously good at what they do – I mean … they design my websites!:) And they recently designed new covers for my beautiful Sentients of Orion series.

You’ve waited sooo long and sooo patiently and your loyalty will be rewarded. But now, guys, its up to you to LET EVERYONE KNOW! Please help us!

Leave your name in the comments section if you’d like a banner for your website. Banner-sharers will become part of our Burn Bright VIP club and will get free NEW swag (old swag too, but new swag with the new covers on!) when the books are released!

We’re just a little bit excited (can you tell?)!

Burn Bright, baby bats!

  • It’s a shame the covers will be replaced because they’re one of the best I’ve ever seen but that’s nothing compared to these news! I can’t wait to get my hands on these books 😀 Congratulations!

  • *faints*

    OMG I am buying a copy for all of my friends 🙂

  • mdepierres

    Awww… thanks Krista!

  • mdepierres

    Hi Natasa,

    we would dearly loved to have used them, but they were just too expensive.

    I have no doubt that Austin Designworks will do something super though.

  • bexta

    😀 😀 😀

  • mdepierres

    Thx Bex!

  • Will be announced on Friday Ketchup this weekend!
    I’m over the moon it is FINALLY happening.
    So proud to be a part of it all.


    If there’s a vertical banner definitely send me one so I can put on my sidebar.


  • Woot woot!!!! I am sooo excited!!! Congratulations!!

  • mdepierres

    Thanks Braiden! Will get it to you as soon as I have it. M x

  • Joelene

    So soon…and yet so far away! This will be massive!!

  • I’ve been hoping these would be released in the US! Exciting news. =)

  • Paul Weimer (@princejvstin)

    Congratulations, Marianne. It does seem you are finally getting some deserved attention and exposure outside of the Antipodes!

  • Congrats Marianne! This is great news and I am sure the covers will be just as amazing. Happy to share the banner!

  • mdepierres

    Hi David and Paul!
    Thank you for your support!
    MDP x

  • mdepierres

    Hi Steph, that’s fantastic! Will email it to you when it’s ready t go! Consider yourself in the VIP club!


  • I am beyond excited that all 3 Night Creature books are finally coming to the states. I’d gladly sport the banner on my blog, so sign me up 🙂 Congrats Marianne!

  • Renee


  • mdepierres


  • mdepierres

    Hi Shannon, consider yourself added to the VIP list. We’ll be in touch soon.

  • FINALLY, Yayy 🙂 This is so exciting! I’m especially excited about seeing new covers, since the Night Creatures covers are already so awesome, can they get any more awesome?

    Ahh!! Congrats Marianne! You know I’m happy to put banners up on my blog, can’t wait!

  • mdepierres

    Thanks Candace! You’re on my list! Will be in touch.
    M x

  • This is fantastic news!!! Thanks for the email! I’m looking forward to getting this book 🙂

  • mdepierres

    Hi Ren, thanks so much. Feel free to join our VIP club if you wish!

  • This is amazing! I’ve been saving up money for ages so I could get copies of Angels Arias and Shine Light, but they’ll be much easier to get once they come out here! I’d love to have a banner to share on my website.

  • mdepierres

    Thanks Ashleigh! I’ve added you to our VIP list and will be in touch!

  • So damn excited!!! to be included in on this cant wait to get started =D Thanks for the opportunity Marianne

  • Kay

    Awesome!!!! News

  • WOOOP WOOOP, would love to be part of it.

  • Best new ever!!! I was just lamenting the fact that these books weren’t available in the states just the other day…I’m so glad it’s finally happening! I would love to have a banner for my site to share this epic news! =)

  • mdepierres

    Thanks Aura and Jen, will put you both on our list and will be in touch.

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