Krista Reviews: D. J. McHale's - Sylo

Mchale_SyloDoes Tucker Pierce have what it takes to be a hero when the U.S. military quarantines his island?

Fourteen-year-old Tucker Pierce prefers to fly under the radar. He’s used to navigating around summer tourists in his hometown on idyllic Pemberwick Island, Maine. He’s content to sit on the sidelines as a backup player on the high school football team. And though his best friend Quinn tells him to “go for it,” he’s too chicken to ask Tori Sleeper on a date. There’s always tomorrow, he figures. Then Pemberwick Island is invaded by a mysterious branch of the U.S. military called SYLO. And sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option for Tucker, because tomorrow may never come.

It’s up to Tucker, Quinn, and Tori to uncover the truth about the singing aircraft that appears only at night—and the stranger named Feit who’s pushing a red crystal he calls the Ruby that brings unique powers to all who take it. Tucker and his friends must rescue not just Pemberwick Island, but the fate of the world—and all before tomorrow is too late. 

#1 New York Times bestselling author D.J. MacHale brings his brilliant plotting and breathless pacing to SYLO, the first in this ultimate end-of-the-world adventure trilogy.

Hardcover, 407 pages

Published July 2nd 2013 by Razorbill

I had a hard time remembering that Tucker and his friends are only 14 years old. Throughout this story they are brave, have foresight and really trust their gut feelings, making them seem older.

When Pemberwick Island is taken over by a government agency, the people begin to question the intensity the soldiers have shown. Tucker and Quinn witness an explosion late one night and the next day the boats begin to arrive. They won’t let anybody leave the island claiming there has been an outbreak that needs to be contained and with a recent death, the people don’t really question it as they are concerned about their safety.

Not only are the residents stuck, but the vacationers are also not allowed to go until the issues have been resolved and the boats are allowed to leave again.  As the situation becomes more dire, more people die and some taken to camps “for their safety”,do the people begin to question the severity of the situation.

When Tucker, Quinn and Tori witness the soldiers killing innocent people who try to escape. They question if the takeover is really for their safety and begin getting involved. Then there is a twist to the story. Right before the island becomes isolated,  a stranger shows up and begins handing out a new type of drug that acts like a steroid giving the user energy and strength.

Are the drugs and deaths just a coincidence? Or are all the events connected somehow? The main characters show different reactions to what is happening. Tucker and Tori have similar thoughts, but Tori has more concern for her father than others.  Tucker does focus more on everybody as a whole and the safety of of mankind itself.  Quinn brings a lot of the humor to the story and he is also the most detailed and logical thinker.

This story is a true invasion of different kinds. As the first book in the series we just get a taste of what is to come next, the real revelations coming out at the close of the book. I was impressed with this story and the way the author chose to release the details. I was loving the ending and was sad to have reached the last page. I am anticipating very good  things to happen in this series!


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