Krista Reviews: Lani Woodland—"Intrinsical"

Yara and her friend Cherie are transferring to Pendrell school. It so happens that Yara comes from a Waker family. Her family for generations have been able to see ghosts and help them cross over. Yara is still unwilling to accept her gifts and the responsibilities that come along with it, but her friend Cherie would do anything to have Yara’s gift, and Cherie has trained with Yara’s grandmother (Vovo) for years.

Cherie has been able to talk Yara into going to Pendrell with her, both knowing very well that the school is known to be haunted. Soon Yara finds out that Cherie has managed to also score them the dorm room, known to have the most ghostly activity throughout the school’s history.

What I appreciated the most about this book is the friendships that the characters have with each other. You can tell Cherie and Yara have been friends for a long time, they know each other’s quirks and care for each other deeply. As the girls start to date, the love interests also hold more than just a physical attraction, but friendship and trust. The dialogue and banter throughout the book is light-hearted and funny. Yara is one to wear her heart on her sleeve and you never have to guess what she’s thinking. One of my favorite parts is when she hurls her chemistry book at Brent’s head for mouthing back to her and pissing her off.

After settling into school Yara soon finds out that she has the ability to spiritually leave her body and wander around the campus. She also finds out that she is not the only person who can do so, and her new abilities draw danger closer. There is something weird going on behind the walls of Pendrell and Yara may be the only person who can rescue the school from the evil spirits…if she survives.

Intrinsical is one of those books that I have been recommending to my friends. I was so impressed with this story that I fan-girled the author over Twitter and never miss one of her stops into my town. It had all of those elements in it that make a great young adult novel. There is the boarding school setting, the BFF and the cute boy crush. With Intrinsical you get the added elements of ghosts and magic. A highly enjoyable read for me and have purchased more than one copy of it myself.

Hardcover, 304 pages
Published August 20th 2010 by Pendrell Publishing (first published August 17th 2010)
ISBN 0982729707 (ISBN13: 9780982729700)
More info here.

Series The Yara Silva Trilogy #1

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