Krista Reviews: Lani Woodland's "Indelible"

After a summer of training with her grandmother Vovo, in Brazil. Yara has returned to attend Pendrell Academy for her senior year. She is still as smitten with her boyfriend as she was last year and after a summer away, things are looking good. But upon meeting a stranger with some dangerous secrets and a very angry ghost on her first day back home, things start to go downhill for Yara and her friends too fast. Moving back to Pendrell has Yara’s family concerned for her life, but this time Brent’s life is the only thing Yara is concerned about.

There are changes happening at the school: the construction of a new building on the site of the old haunted grounds; a new headmaster who seems to have taken a personal interest in Yara and her friends. Not to mention the fact that Yara can feel others projecting and she knows it’s not her or Brent doing it. When the mysterious stranger turns up attending her school, things are looking bad and Yara knows she’s being followed. Let’s not forget the angry ghost, Sophia, who has decided to make Yara’s life a living Hell. Yara will have to make some very difficult decisions to try to save not only her life, but those of all her loved ones.

The second book in the trilogy blew me away, it has an immediate grab on the reader with the introduction of the clues and action right away. It’s a paranormal mystery that really focuses on  the school and its history. All the characters play a part in this puzzle and the 2nd book takes off right into the continuation of the story from the previous book. It’s all one story that continues to grow and become darker and more intense with each volume. Now that Yara and her friends are graduating this year, it will be interesting to see where the third book takes us—and I have my hopes up to maybe see a little bit of Brazil in the final chapter of this trilogy.

Indelible by Lani Woodland
Hardcover, 416 pages
Expected publication: September 27th 2011 by Pendrell Publishing
ISBN 0982729723 (ISBN13: 9780982729724)
series The Yara Silva Trilogy #2

  • lisa

    Sounds really good! What’s the first book called?

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