Krista Reviews: Tricia Sullivan's - "Shadowboxer"

sullivan_ShadowboxerKrista’s mini book club review of Shadowboxer is the last part of our feature on the book, which includes an interview with Tricia Sullivan by Bec Stafford and other reviews by A. V. Mather and by Joelene Pynnonen.


I like the details in the artwork; it represents the story well and represents an urban feel.


A mixture of humans, animals, and spirits.


Shea-  a reporter turned werepanther

Least Favourite

Mr. Richards, the celebrity known for his reclaiming of orphaned children.


Jade has an anger problem and unwisely takes her anger out at the wrong place wrong time. Her actions send her to Thailand to a training camp to learn self control.


Jade is a mixed martial arts fighter with a major anger problem. When she lets the anger get the best of her and she punches somebody, her coach decides to send her to a Thailand training camp. While there, she finds a mystical forest. During her time in Thailand she not only learns to adjust her attitude, but uncovers a conspiracy.


One of my favorite parts of the story, great imagery and exciting.


I found this tale to be very unique. I am not sure what I was thinking would come of the story, but I really enjoyed the mystic, fantasy feel. Shadowboxer was really well written:  scenes practically leapt off the pages: very visual and enchanting.


When my body wears out, my power will move to you.”


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