Life With Lisa: Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everybody!

I can’t believe 2012 is almost over, and that 2013 is just around the corner! I love the holidays, no matter which one it is, but I especially love Christmas due to the family aspect, the decorations, the gifts, food, and everything else.

One of my most favourite things about this holiday season is listening to all the music, whether in the car, in the stores while I do my holiday shopping, or at home while cooking, decorating, or baking cookies. Music just really gets me into that holiday mood!

Originally this post was supposed to list a few holiday songs that I enjoy listening to. But after spending a few days thinking about which ones to choose, I decided to write this post a little differently. Instead I have two amazing websites that can get all your favourite music in the same place, allow you to find new music and plays continuously. So you don’t always have to run back and forth to press play or choose another song.


…is a good website for someone who knows exactly what songs they want to listen to. All you have to do is go to their website, make an account (which is really quick) and start searching for the songs you like.


…is a good website for someone who doesn’t really know what songs they want to listen to, but knows the artist, or genre. You simply make an account and search up either the song, the artist, or genre, and BAM! There’s your online radio station constantly playing the music you love!

These websites are amazing, free and very simple – anyone can use them! I hope this helped you, and I hope you all have an amazing Holiday!

Lisa x

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