Life With Lisa: My Birthday

Welcome to Life with Lisa!

This past few weeks have been absolutely crazy, busy and fun! My birthday was the end of October and was amazing; even though I did have school.

Waking up on your birthday at six in the morning, to a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake, and your favourite coffee is the best thing I could even ask for.

With my mom not feeling well on my actually birthday, I didn’t do too much. She did have breakfast with me, and stayed on the phone when my dad called to wish me a happy birthday. Instead, I spent the day with my close friends, and Joshua, with his family. I had a delicious dinner (stuffed peppers, yum!) and fun day!

The next day, my mom was feeling a bit better, so we decided to make it a girl day, and go out to shop. When I’m not reading, or doing homework, I’m
usually shopping, or thinking about shopping; so yes, I was excited to go! Afterwards we headed to one of my favourite Italian restaurants and had an amazing dinner!

In the end of the day, I had the best birthday, and wouldn’t change a thing if I could! I spent it doing some of my favourite things with some of my favourite people. I love them all, and thank you if you wished me a happy birthday, it means the world to me! 🙂

  • Krista

    Sorry I didn’t wish you happy birthday sooner Lisa!
    Wow does that cake look awfully sweet!

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