Life with Lisa: Twilight Begins to End

Heeeeellooooo? Is anyone out there!? Oh hey there you are! Please. Come in.

Welcome to another Life with Lisa, with …. you guess it, ME! This week’s topic is very serious. It’s nothing that should be laughed at, it’s something that shouldn’t be judged, and it’s something everyone should know about.

Ever heard of Twilight? New Moon? Eclipse? Breaking Dawn? No? Yes?

Well, if you haven’t than you officially been living under a rock (a HUGE rock) for the last few years! And before you even continue reading this segment of Life with Lisa, you need to get in a car, go to the nearest book store, and by all of the titles named above (Stephanie Meyer). Once you’ve done that, go to the closest movie rental place, and get the first three !

Breaking Dawn Part 1, premières in theaters (here in the USA) in November. Yeah, some of you are thinking, “Lisa are you bananas? That’s more than a month away!” But can’t a girl be excited? Especially after seeing these:

Seeing these awesome movie posters, than finding this, I almost peed in my pants!


I know this isn’t like the usual Life with Lisa post, but I really want to share my finds with you guys. I would love to hear what you think about the trailer and the posters! Are you as excited as I am?

P.S. Team Jacob or Edward?

  • I’m not a fan of the twilight series. Sparkly apex predators and one teenage girl’s choice between necrophilia and bestiality.
    If I had to choose on eye candy alone, I would SO be a team Jacob. (and I mean that in the non stalkerish I’m-a-married-almost-30-year-old-woman-looking-at-a-just-turned-19-buff-young-man kinda way)
    Might be the age bracket thing but Anne Rice does it better.

    P.S. The posters are VERY cool.
    Bella looks very 40’s silver screen chic.

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