Lisa Reviews: Beth Revis's - "A Million Suns"

Revis_millionAcross the Universe pulled me in with nothing but its beautiful cover and the amazing synopsis! Who would have thought that the human race would travel for 300 years to find another planet that was habitable?!

When I read it, I loved it! Not only did the story live up to the synopsis that sucked me in, but I also couldn’t get enough of Elder and Amy together! I liked that they weren’t too mushy, but instead realistic.

I am so happy that I had A Million Suns already sitting on my bookshelf before I even finished Across the Universe, or else I would have had to run out to Walmart in the middle of the night to see if they had a copy! I finished Across the Universe at two a.m. and started reading A Million Suns that same night … morning?

Because I read them back to back, I didn’t need a summary of the first book. I was ready to get into the good stuff and that’s exactly what Beth Revis did! SHE ROCKS!

Things aren’t the same on Godspeed anymore; Eldest is gone, and it’s Elders turn to take charge and lead Godspeed as well as its inhabitants. With the decision not to use phydus in the water sources, being leader is a lot harder than Elder ever thought it would be.

But no matter how tough things get, Elder is determined not to drug his people like Eldest did. While Godspeed seemed to be on track, Elder was just informed that it isn’t. Instead, it might behind by a hundred or so years. Godspeed isn’t as simple as Elder, Amy, or anyone else who’s living on it, thought.

Besides these problems, dead bodies are being scattered throughout the ship, each with a phydus patch on their body and a note that says “Follow the Leader”. This has never happened before and Elder has no idea who is doing it. Not everyone has the ability to get their hands on phydus patches, which only leaves a few people as suspects.

Amy is dealing with her own problems as well. She may never see her parents again, especially if Godspeed is that far behind schedule. Orion has left clues behind for her, telling her that she doesn’t know about everything going on Godspeed. Unsure if she should tell Elder, Amy takes off on her own to do some searching.

Supplies are running low, people aren’t doing their jobs, bodies with patches are being found with increasing frequency, and one of Elder’s supposed friends is trying to take over and rule Godspeed. Things aren’t the same without the phydus patches that made people do and believe whatever Eldest said. But Elder isn’t giving up.

Things may seem bad, but the solution to all these problems is a lot closer than Elder or Amy thought!

With the massive amount of love I had for Across the Universe, I was worried that A Million Suns wouldn’t live up to my expectations. But now, looking back, I have no idea why I was so worried. If I had to pick between them, I wouldn’t be able to. Both books were amazing!

There wasn’t a slow moment in A Million Suns, which I found necessary as not much can happen on a ship like Godspeed. With the clues, the bodies being found, and with the one guy trying to overthrow Elder, my mind was racing! I was trying to figure out what Amy and Elder were overlooking when they were trying to figure out clues, or discover who was killing these people!

Amy has finally accepted that Elder isn’t her only option, but instead the option she has chosen. (If you’ve read the first book, you might remember when she told Elder this.) The two couldn’t be more different, or more perfect for one another!

My mind is officially mush, because it was blown so many times! The only thing I regret is not buying the third book right away! UGH! Now I have to wait!

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