Lisa Reviews: James Dashner's - "The Death Cure"

Dashner_death cureIn only a few months the entire world, or at least most of it, will be able to witness The Maze Runner in theatres! Having read The Death Cure weeks ago, I finally decided it was time to collect my thoughts and write some reviews.

I loved The Maze Runner so much that I forced my boyfriend, who never reads and would rather work on his car, to read it! The Scorch Trials was absolutely AHH-mazing as well, and I just couldn’t get enough of the story and its characters. But when it came to the third and final book in this trilogy, The Death Cure, I was a bit nervous. I had heard rumors going around that people weren’t finding themselves enjoying it.

After reading The Death Cure and understanding what those reviews were talking about, I see where they were coming from, but I also see why people (like myself) love it so much!

There’s no hesitation at the beginning of The Death Cure and it takes right off where The Scorch Trials ended; the Gladers have been captured and trapped in the WICKED facility. They are offered their fully restored memories with only a small surgical procedure, but many are unsure. After coming to a decision, all the Gladers decide to go through with the procedure, except for three of them: Thomas, Mino, and Newt.

The next morning, the three boys are roughly awakened to find that the offer isn’t an offer anymore, but is instead being forced upon them. They are strapped to chairs and completely surrounded by armed guards, but they know way they can get themselves out of this mess. Even Brenda and Jose, who Thomas relied on, are actually working for WICKED. But before this can even register, Brenda has a plan to get him and the other two out.

The five of them escape, coming to the conclusion that Teresa and all the other Gladers have already done the same. They leave the WICKED facility with a few weapons in hand and they stumble upon Gally, a Glader we lost in the second book (I believe. Don’t quote me on this!). He informs the group that he now works for a rebel group known as the Right Arm, which is planning to take down WICKED, and Thomas plays a huge role in their plan.

Thomas goes back to the WICKED compound and to sacrifice himself for science and discovers that more munies (people who are immune to the flare) have been captured and sent into the maze. The Right Arm wants to blow the whole place up, and even after being offered a train ride to safety, Thomas knows he has to save his friends, and the people in the maze.

There was so much happening so fast in this book. Where do I even start?

I’ve created a list of my likes and dislikes, because I feel like it will just be easier to get my point across without this review being miles long.


  • Thomas. As always, he was amazing! In The Death Cure, Thomas did have a few tough things to do and watch. He had to witness his best friend, Newt, turn into a Crank and shoot him in the head, and he watched the girl he was crushing on in the first two books die. He was so strong and brave in both The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials, but it’s still amazing how much he has grown and developed as the main character.
  • Brenda and Jose. They were actually working for WICKED?! WHAT? I had absolutely no idea! It makes me want to re-read the second book, to see if I can find any clues! This was such a good twist in this final instalment, right at the beginning of the story.
  • Gally. He came back! I know, mind blown!
  • Outside world and its chaos. When reading books like this, where the world is ending, I’m always curious to find out what is happening outside the story limits in different parts of the world. I didn’t expect to see much of that in The Death Cure, but I’m glad I did!


  • Gladers and their memories. I understand that no one would want to get surgery on their brain from the enemy, but isn’t there even a little bit of curiosity to know what your thoughts were before you went into the Glade? I was just a little thrown off by the quick and easy way that Thomas, Newt, and Mino said no to the offer.
  • Thomas and his two ‘girl friends’. In the first two books, Thomas is practically in love with Teresa, but in the last two books he starts to have these indescribable feelings towards Brenda. This doesn’t bother me, but when Teresa made this huge sacrifice towards the end of The Death Cure, Thomas practically brushed it off, took Brenda’s hand, and skipped away into the sunset. It was just a bit weird.
  • The Governments and its dumb choices. Who in the world would release the Flare without even once thinking to test it. Just to–I don’t know–maybe see if it has any negative effects?

I want to read The Kill Order!! This story revolves around two different main characters from when the Flare first started to spread! I’m dying to see how the world came to such a horrible state! 

AND is it September yet? I can’t wait to see The Maze Runner in theatres!


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