Lisa Reviews: Jen McConnel's - "Goddess Spells for Busy Girls"

mcconnell_goddess-spells1*Thank you Weiser Books for sending me a copy for review*

The title of this book explains everything this book IS, in JUST five words! Goddess Spells for Busy Girls, is just that! The entire book is filled with short and sweet spells for everything.

Broken heart? Not enough money? Sick or stressed? Need a boost? Goddess Spells and at least of one (if not more) of the twenty five goddesses featured in this book will have something for you. Every spell is super quick and easy to do! All you need are a few small items, which you’ll most likely have laying around at home, and each spell comes with easy to read and follow instructions.

I haven’t read a non-fiction book in a long while, and haven’t reviewed one at all. So Goddess Spells is the first one. When I was asked to review Goddess Spells for Busy Girls, and I had no other choice but to accept, by purely seeing and LOVING the title of this book!

Goddess Spells for Busy Girls has no main character, has no twists and turns, and no cliff-hanger ending; it’s completely straight forward. Goddess Spells is a book filled entirely with  spells, descriptions of twenty five different goddesses, and even small glimpses into the author’s life at the beginning of each chapter.

It doesn’t matter what you might need a spell for, there are so many different types of spells for so many different types of situations. Each needed only a small list of household items  and can be done anywhere and any time!

Not having the items needed to fulfil a spell was my biggest worry, but I soon realized that all the required ingredients can easily be found in a grocery store, or local speciality store.

Some of the spells include:


Spell to Spark Creativity (page 27)

Spell to Promote Power (page 35)

Spell for Tough Choices (page 49)

Spell for Peace (page 81)

Spell for Protection (page 124)

I enjoyed not only learning about goddesses and the author but also performing some of the spells myself! They don’t take long, don’t make a mess and results can be seen very quickly!

Goddess Spells just hit the stores’ bookshelves at the beginning of February, so make sure to pick up your own copy soon! And start casting some spells!

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