Lisa Reviews: Jenny Han's - "We'll Always Have Summer"

*Wipes away tears*

Hello, *sniffles* and welcome to my review of We’ll Always Have Summer, by Jenny Han. This is the third and final installment in the Belly Conklin Summer Series. The first thing I always tell people is, yes the title of the first book is a little cheesy (“The Summer I Turned Pretty”) but this series is AMAZING for the summer! Once you pick up the first book, I can’t promise that the series will last you very long! From my own personnel experience I tried to read as slow as possible and savor every page, making the story last…but I couldn’t help myself and finished it in less than two days!

(*note to self, read more Jenny Han books*)

We’ll Always Have Summer takes place two years after It’s Not Summer Without You leaves off. Belly and Jeremiah have been dating ever since, they both attend the same college, and neither can wait for finals to be over! Why? Because once finals are over, schools over, meaning summer is here, which ultimately means they get to go back to their beloved beach house.

But before their departure, at an “end of the year” party hosted by Jeremiah’s Frat brothers and Sorority sisters, the two get into a huge argument. Belly ends things between them. She never thought he would do something this horrible to her, and hurt her this much. Belly never thought her Jeremiah would cheat on her…

When Jeremiah finally apologizes, he pulls out a small box out from his pocket, and when he opens it, Belly can already see what’s inside…a ring. Getting to his knees, Jeremiah proposes to her. Saying I do, does not only mean she forgives him, but also seals her future with him. Maybe.

Belly’s mom and Susannah (the boys’ mom) always knew Belly would marry a Fisher, but which one? They weren’t sure.

We’ll Always Have Summer had my jaw to the floor throughout the entire story! I couldn’t believe the ending and the decision Belly made, as to who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. This series is the perfect way to end your summer, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a light and lovey dovey, yet drama filled summer read!

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