Lisa Reviews: Jessica Verday's - "The Hollow"

The Hollow? What the heck is The Hollow? Honestly, I only go out to buy books knowing what I want. Occasionally on the spur of the moment, I get something that looks and sounds really good but I usually see books recommended in peoples IMMs or on Youtube.

The day I purchased The Hollow, I was at Barnes and Nobles, strictly for coffee and no books! But my friend wanted to pick up a book for her AP class, so she can practice before the big end of the year test. I wasn’t too interested in that, and didn’t just want to wait in the coffee area all by myself, so I decided to roam around and JUST LOOK at the Young Adult books. My eye caught this book called The Hollow. Never having seen or heard about it before, I picked it up, flipped it over, and read the summary.

It was awesome!

The Hollow is about a girl named Abbey who recently lost her friends, in a mysterious way. She drowned in the river, in the cemetery, which was Abbey and Kristen’s favorite place to hang out and be together. No one knew if Kristen did it on purpose to commit suicide, or if she accidentally fell in.

Get over it! She’s faking it! She’s weird! Are just a few of the mean things Abbey was told. I couldn’t believe how rude some of the cheerleaders were to her! Her best friend just died! How can you treat her like that? She’s going through something.

Even though a lot of the kids at school were mean and rude to her, Abbey ran into a mysterious boy she’d never meet before. His name is Caspian, he has blonde hair with one black streak in it. He’s three years older than Abbey, and he enjoys drawing, reading, and freshly baked snicker doodles. At the end of The Hollow, Caspian is nothing like what you thought he was at the beginning.

He was the sweetest guy ever. Caspian was really good for Abbey, he was the one she could talk to. Seeing him was the one thing Abbey looked forward to everyday when she had nothing else left. I love Caspian and I love what he and Abbey were, whenever they were together.

I wish we could have learned more about was Caspian, and his family and what happened to him. And Kristen and a little about her past. I think the story would have connected a little bit better. But The Hollow, is only the third book in the trilogy, so there’s still plenty time for that! If you haven’t read the book, and are looking for something that makes you feel every emotion possible, you really should pick it up!

  • ISBN-13: 9781416978947
  • Publisher: Simon Pulse
  • Publication date: 8/3/2010
  • Pages: 528

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