Lisa Reviews: Juliana Haygert's – “Playing Pretend”

Haygert_PPAfter being told what to do, who to hang out with, how to act, and what to wear her entire life, Charlotte’s first real experience as a normal teenager is during her spring break trip with her three REAL best friends … not the ones her mum picked for her. Charlotte’s mother doesn’t know where she’s really at, who she’s really with, or that she’s spent every single night of the week in bed with a boy named Mason.

Charlotte and Mason know that what they have isn’t serious because Charlotte has to go back to her controlled life as the Governor’s daughter. They make the most of their last day together and finally say goodbye, knowing they will probably never see each other again.

Charlotte goes back to being told what to do and Mason continues to try and get over his ex-girlfriend of three years, who cheated on him, and to go to college.

While Charlotte is forced to go on dates with a guy named Donnie, and to parties with people who she has no interest in or anything in common with, Mason is deciding what he wants to do with his future. Making his decision, Mason starts packing up his stuff, getting ready to move across the country and attend a college that has provided a scholarship for his tuition. He’s willing to leave behind everything he has ever known in the hope of a better future and education.

Out on another forced date with Donnie, Charlotte can’t believe her eyes when she sees Mason and his brother, just yards away from her. She can’t wrap her mind around the idea that Mason is here, thousands of miles away from home. When they make eye contact, Charlotte’s heart skips a beat.

Bumping into each other a few more times, Mason is willing to take any chance to ask Charlotte out, but is continuously shut down. Despite knowing that it isn’t the right thing to do, both because of her mother and because it isn’t fair to him, Charlotte FINALLY agrees to date Mason.

Things aren’t perfect; secrets are being kept and Charlotte can’t see Mason whenever she pleases, but things quickly get worse, especially when Charlotte is caught coming home at four a.m. and pictures are leaked to the media of her and Mason together!

But Mason isn’t letting this chance slip between his fingers and we witness just how much these two care for each other and how far they’re willing to go to be with one another.

Starting at the beginning of the book, I was already in love! Why?

Playing Pretend was honestly the perfect insta-love read. I did find myself frustrated multiple times with Charlotte’s mother, and I wasn’t too happy with how long it took Charlotte to stand up to her mother and walk out. Charlotte’s mother walked all over her and didn’t let her say or do anything she wanted to. I guess the way Charlotte told her mum off wasn’t as explosive as I was hoping it would be. I don’t know how Charlotte could keep so calm and keep going with the act, but I’m still really glad she finally did it!

I LOVED Charlotte and Mason together. They were perfect! The story was AHH-mazing, the characters were fantastic, and I just couldn’t force myself to stop reading! I’m excited to pick up more of Juliana Haygert’s books!

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