Lisa Reviews: Julie Kagawa's - "The Iron Daughter"

Welcome to another one of my reviews! Today’s book is The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa!

The Iron Daughter is the second book in the Iron Fey series, the first being The Iron King, so I will try and do my best not too give away to much information, for you guys you haven’t started this series yet.

The Iron Fey series, is basically about an ordinary girl named Meghan Chase, who isn’t so ordinary after all. Her dad and her best friend aren’t who they seem, and neither is she. Finding out that she’s half fey changes her life forever. When Meghan’s little half brother is kidnapped by the Iron King, she has no choice but to follow him into the Fey world and try to rescue him. By her side and along for the adventure is her best friend Puck. On their journey they run into all different types of creatures and people, including one very special guy named Ash, the Winter Prince.

The only way to save Meghan’s little brother and let him return home, is if she stays in the Winter Kingdom. Deciding it is the only option, Meghan agrees.

Becoming Queen Mab’s (Ash’s Mother) prisoner, Meghan pleas her case, saying the Iron Kingdom is a lot stronger, and the war is just beginning. Mab doesn’t believe a word she’s saying. Even when the sceptor (something the Summer and Winter kingdoms pass back and forth whenever seasons are to change) is stolen. The Winter Queen disregards all the evidence leading to the Iron Kingdom trying to set the Season against one another.

Meghan doesn’t know how, but she knows she needs to do something to keep the war between the seasons from breaking out. She has to get that sceptor back, even if she loses her life trying.

The Iron Fey series started out rough for me, I didn’t find myself enjoying the first book. I felt like I was forcing myself to read it, just to get a review up, instead of actually enjoy the story and it’s characters. But deciding to give the series another try, I picked up The Iron Daughter and fell completely in love with it! I love that instead of being hard to pick up, it was hard to put down. After finishing every chapter, I kept promising myself, “this is the last chapter I’m reading tonight, and then I’m going to bed!” Before I knew it, I was half way through the book and it was 2 am.

I’m really glad I gave the series another go, and I would recommend for anyone who didn’t like the first one to try again on the second book. If you haven’t read the series yet, go pick it up, you’ll regret that you didn’t sooner!

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