Lisa Reviews: Kiera Cass’ – “The Elite”

Cass_The EliteSome of you may know just how stressful the ending of 2014 was for me. If you don’t…well, now you do. I’m attending school, working, and doing everything else under the sun. Blogging and reading is my getaway, but it was hard to get away when there was no time to do so.

I needed a book that would distract me from everything going on around me. I needed something that would capture my attention entirely and consume my mind.

When I picked up The Selection, I didn’t know that it would do that and more.

I wasn’t too happy when I heard that this trilogy was comparable to the show The Bachelor. I absolutely hate that show; I just don’t understand why people would go on national television to compete and embarrass themselves for a person who probably won’t give you a rose at the end of the day.

But I had already purchased the entire trilogy, the covers were beautiful, and the ratings on Goodreads were amazing, so I couldn’t turn it down. I loved The Selection more than I ever thought I would, and picked up The Elite within five minutes of finishing it.

The Selection started with 30-35 girls, but The Elite takes off from when there are only six left! America is the lowest caste still in the running, competing against twos, threes, and fours. Time is running out and the girls know that Maxon has to make his decision very soon!

Besides taking part in this competition, at first against her will, and then for the delicious food and comfortable bed, America is still struggling with the hardest decision she’s ever had to make; Maxon or Aspen?

If things weren’t tough enough in the castle, Aspen is now a guard, Maxon is confessing his love, promising to end the competition as soon as she gives him permission, and things between the girls are getting ugly. Think that’s it? No! To top it all off, the castle is being attacked by rebels.

Whew. I thought The Selection had a lot going on, that was nothing compared to The Elite.

Overall, I loved The Elite, as well as the rest of the trilogy! I couldn’t get enough of America and the world she struggled to live in. What I loved the most about her was that she was blunt. She didn’t change. She remained the same person, with the same thoughts and beliefs, no matter how much glitter and glamour was thrown at her. She was the girl I came to know in the first book, but so much stronger.

Beside that, I spent the entire first book wondering what it would be like for Maxon and Aspen to meet. I wanted to see how they would act towards one another, and how comparable they would be. Obviously Maxon didn’t know Aspen was the boy America told him stories about, but it was interesting to see how similar and different these two were.

Again, I LOVED The Elite, and I wish I could go into more detail and completely fan girl, but I don’t want to ruin the story for you all!

Thank you so much for reading!

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