Lisa Reviews: Kiersten White’s – “Mind Games”

White_Mind GamesIf you haven’t started reading a Kiersten White book, you should! They are absolutely AHH-mazing reads! Recently I’ve been on a reading high that completely revolves around Kiersten White’s books. Her characters are fantastic and their development through her stories is incredible.

I’m addicted to her writing and the characters she creates. I’ll admit it.

When it comes to Mind Games, it’s exactly the same. The story follows two sisters named Annie and Fia. Annie is two years older, blind, and has the ability to see visions of the future; she still blames herself for not seeing her parents’ car crash and warning them earlier. Fia has perfect instincts and can see someone’s intentions before she even knows the person.

When their parents passed away, Annie was invited to attend a “special school” for girls with similar abilities to hers. No matter how unsure and uncomfortable Fia feels about this offer, Annie thinks it’s an amazing opportunity and doesn’t want to it give up.

After years of attending this “special school”, the two sisters quickly learn that it’s everything but. The school takes advantage of the girls and uses them for corporate espionage. Without any obvious powers, Fia is used for completely different work; she’s become the hands of the school, doing any and all of their dirty work.

If Fia refuses to do any of the jobs she’s given, Keane—the owner of the school—threatens to hurt Annie. While Annie is locked on a single floor in the school building without any idea of what her sister is doing, Fia is forced to eliminate a guy named Adam. She isn’t allowed to know why. She never is. She only has to get the job done.

When Fia can’t bring herself to murder Adam, she confesses everything to him and lets him go. She knows what she’s done and what’s at stake.

Fia’s tired of doing all the dirty work and she wants to escape with Annie. Even if it means having to lie, fake Adam’s death, and murder her own sister…

Let’s start with my favorite part: the characters.

As you already know, I LOVE Kiersten White’s characters, and Annie and Fia were two perfect examples. Annie was the older sister and was much more calm and collected. Fia, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She was the younger sister, but felt like she was the protector of Annie, and was willing to do anything Keane asked of her to keep Annie safe. Fia did as she was asked, but she also had this IDGAF attitude, which was sooo kick butt!

Overall, the story was crazy good! The entire idea behind a school using girls with these super powers for corporate espionage was so interesting; I bet there are probably people who really do this too!

Don’t even get me started on the ending of Mind Games, because my brain is still mush! What a CRAZY ending. I can’t believe how this turned out!! I never saw it coming, and….just WOW!

But if I had to admit to one bad thing about Mind Games, it would be the structure. The story not only switched between the sisters’ perspectives, but also between different times. It would randomly go from the present to the past and then back to the present. Within a couple of chapters I got into the swing of things, but at first I was completely confused and lost.

If you get the chance to pick up Mind Games, I recommend you do! But beware: chapters don’t just take place in the present, but also in the past!

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