Lisa Reviews: Kiersten White's - "Paranormalcy"

white_paranormalcyAt sixteen years old, Evie isn’t the normal teenage girl. Yes, she’s human, but she’s so much more than that. At a young age, she was pushed from one foster home to the next, until she discovered her power. She has the ability to see through paranormals’ glamour—glamour being the shield that paranormal creatures use to travel in public without the humans around them seeing their real form.

Since discovering her power, Evie has been adopted into IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency), going on missions to hunt down and tag paranormal creatures. Even with the knowledge that she is protecting the human race, Evie does miss the normal things teenagers do like going to school, having a locker, and attending prom with some cute boy!

Evie has always done what her job and Raquel, her mom/boss, asked of her, and never once questioned what IPCA was really doing. That is until an invisible shape shifter breaks into the IPCA building disguised as Raquel. With no real idea or plan to escape, Lend explains that he was there to gather information for the people he was working with. Evie can’t help but stare at Lend, not because he’s a shape shifter, but because he’s cute…and the only boy her age she’s seen in a very long time.

But after going on a mission to tag a couple of vampires, Evie barely escapes and comes back to find out that the vampires had somehow all died. Evie didn’t do it. So who did? Paranormals are dying quickly and Evie is the one who has to stop this!

Evie is having nightmares about a yellow-gold shadow and she can’t help but wonder what is going on. She soon discovers that she isn’t human at all and the person killing the paranormals is much closer than she could have ever thought!

I absolutely adored the characters in Paranormalcy. I loved Evie; she embraced her ability and enjoyed having it, unlike many characters in other YA genres that try their best to hide it and blend in. Besides that, Evie was totally kick butt, yet super girly and enjoyed dressing up and looking good.

Paranormalcy didn’t only include vampires, but many other paranormal creatures that pushed this book to the next level, such as trolls and hags.

The romance between Lend and Evie wasn’t too overpowering. It didn’t hide the rest of the story in its shadows, but was instead a light glow. You felt it, but it wasn’t taking up the entire focus.

Overall, Paranormaly had no slow parts and there was always something going on. I can’t say anything about the ending, but it was REALLY good! I hope you pick up Paranormalcy, and enjoy it just as much as I did!

  • Sherice Cuadra

    Valuable post ! I loved the insight . Does anyone know if my assistant can get access to a blank 2015 NY DTF IT-2663 copy to complete ?

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