Lisa Reviews: Kiersten White’s – “Perfect Lies”

White_perfect liesAnnie has finally escaped her prison in Keane’s school, where she’s been locked up and guarded on a single floor for the last few years. She hasn’t seen or spoken to her sister since her dramatic escape and has finally met up with Adam, Cole, and Sarah, who have taken her in.

But after only a few days, Annie is worried about her baby sister. She’s tired of sitting in various motels rooms, feeling useless. She wants to help out somehow, someway, even if it means harming herself to have visions of Fia.

To do something productive, Cole takes Annie to meet another girl named Mae, who has been offered the same opportunity to attend Keane’s school. Annie tries to convince Mae to turn down the offer, but Mae explains that the girls at the school are actually the ones with all the power. She says that she wouldn’t mind being paid to do something she can do in her sleep.

Annie feels helpless. She doesn’t know what to do. She just wants to prevent any more girls from attending the school and wants her sister back.

On the other side of things, Fia has decided to destroy the school from the inside out with the help of James, Keane’s son. James is broken. He is still dealing with the grief from the loss of his mother, and the anger towards his father for destroying the beautiful school his mother established. Fia has decided to put all her trust in James and do anything he asks.

But Fia has never felt so unsure about someone like she does about James. Normally she can immediately sense anyone’s intentions, but when it comes to James her heart takes over. No matter how hard she tries, Fia can’t shake off the feeling that he might be hiding and keeping something from her.

After starving herself and going nights without sleep, Annie finally sees a vision of Fia that will change everything. She knows that if she doesn’t get there in time, she and Fia will never be free, but dead…

With so much love for Mind Games, there wasn’t any option but to pick up Perfect Lies right away! And I did…even though it was three thirty in the morning.

As with all of Kiersten White’s books, the element that I look forward to the most are the characters (if you hadn’t already guessed).

In Mind Games, Annie may be the older sister, but she’s very sheltered. She doesn’t know what Fia is doing or sacrificing for Annie’s protection. In Perfect Lies, her eyes are opened and she finally believes everything that’s going on around her.

As Annie took a few steps forward, Fia took a few back. In the first installment, she had to follow these crazy missions and do anything that was asked of her. But she has this amazing IDGAF attitude that really pulled me towards her. I liked her for it! But in Perfect Lies, that goes away a bit. Fia falls in love with James and her heart quickly takes over. Fia knows she has a weird feeling about him and that he isn’t telling her the whole truth, but she doesn’t want to believe it.

If you’re really into mind-numbing, jaw-dropping endings, then Mind Games and Perfect Lies are the perfect books for you! In the first book, the ending was so far out of this world, I never saw it coming. In the second book, I knew something drastic would happen, especially with Annie and her discovery of everything going on. But again, I would have never expected what happened.

I’m sad that there are only two books in this series (if you can call it that), but Kiersten White did an amazing job tying up loose ends and surprising me. If you haven’t started reading this series yet, you should ASAP!

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