Lisa Reviews: Kiersten White's - "Supernaturally"

 white_supernaturallyEvie has spent a lot of her life wondering what it would be like to live a normal teenage life and experience normal teenage things. But now that Evie has that life attending school, living with her vampire friend Arianna, and even working, a ‘normal’ life doesn’t sound as much fun as it used to.

When Raquel shows up one day to ‘visit’, she asks Evie to rejoin the force (IPCA: International Paranormal Containment Agency), promising that Evie wouldn’t have to do anything that makes her uncomfortable.

But Evie isn’t sure how to respond. She promised Lend that she wouldn’t go back and instead focus on their future together in college. But Evie accepts and decides not to tell Lend. Once she has accepted, Evie meets Raquel’s newest intern, Jack: a human who has lived for some time in the Faerie Realms and who can navigate through it without getting lost. Jack seems to be an annoying pain, but soon Evie realizes just how much she needs a friend like Jack: someone who just wants to have fun, even when things are really serious.

Things seem to be going much better for Evie since Paranormalcy has ended, though her ‘sister’ has died. Lend even makes her biggest wish come true and takes her to prom. But as always, things don’t always go as planned and Evie is pulled out of the dancing crowd by Reth (Evie’s ex-faerie-boyfriend). He is there to inform her that the two Faerie courts are going to war and that she is the prize.

Her world starts crumbling down all around her. Her relationship with Lend is on the line when she starts spending a lot more time with Jack. She meets her father, who hasn’t noticed that his daughter ever left and still thinks that she was ten or so, still ‘running around somewhere’. And now her old life at IPCA is quickly catching up with her.

I absolutely LOVED Paranormalcy, and I think the main reason why is because I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what I should have expected. I read no reviews, only the synopsis on the back of the first book, and while things didn’t go as I expected them to, I was under its trance and couldn’t get enough.

While I thought Evie and Lend were perfect for one another and I enjoyed following their relationship with one another, my favourite part of the book was that the story didn’t just focus on them. I read Paranormalcy for the action, the paranormal, and the mystery. I did enjoy the love story, but I was much more focused on the other aspects, and I’m glad that their relationship didn’t overshadow everything else the story had to offer. Paranormalcy did this well, and I was praying to all the Gods, that Supernaturally would do the same. It did.

The characters were fantastic, both the main ones and the smaller roles. I liked that Jack added a little bit of lightness and humor to this story because I felt like Evie needed that small stress reliever. She was always dealing with these huge life-depending problems, and Jack just made those parts a bit more fun for both Evie and the reader alike.

Overall, Supernaturally isn’t the same old boring paranormal read, which I’m sure we’re all starting to get tired of. There was a pretty big twist towards the end of the book that I can’t mention, but I am pretty darn excited to get to the third and final book! I hope to finally find out who Evie is and what secrets her past holds!

 I’m dying to see what Kiersten White has in store for Evie!

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