Lisa Reviews: Lisi Harrison's - Monster High "The Ghoul Next Door"

Harrison_GhoulNextDoor-bookcoverAbsolutely love these covers! They’re totally girly and rocker chic! Bonus points for looking good on my book shelf!

I read The Ghoul Next Door during the End of Summer Read-A-Thon I hosted on my blog Turning Pages, a while back and really enjoyed it! The Ghoul Next Door is the second instalment in the Monster High series, and it’s been almost a year since I read the first book… so reading the second book was WAY over due!

When I first started reading, I felt a little bit overwhelmed. There were just a lot of things going on, and I was quickly confused. The book is told in three different points of view; always switching back and forth between chapters. (Duhhh Lisa!) After just a few chapters, I got the hang of things and was right back on track. I’ve never read a book that had more than two points of view, so it was interesting to see how this would pan out throughout the entire story. In the end, I actually found this really enjoyable, as the reader I got to see each angle of the argument, and what each of the characters were thinking.

The Ghoul Next Door starts with Frankie Stein losing her head at Merston High monster themed dance! The group of friends thought it would be fun to go as themselves for a change, but things don’t always go as planned! Not only did Frankie lose her head, but it was caught on tape, and now the entire city of Salem Oregon is on a monster hunt to look for her!

Locked in their houses, and only allowed to leave when it’s time for school, the RADs are tired of being held captive. Frankie begins to strategise a plan for Normies to accept RADs for who they are. Frankie hopes that RADs will be able to be themselves, and not have wear make-up to cover up their identity!

Melody Carver is ready and willing to help the RADs for two reasons; she knows what it feels like to be criticised for being herself, and her boyfriend is a RAD.

But on the complete opposite end of things, Bekka (the mean girl) doesn’t mind exposing the RADs and who they are. Why? Because she isn’t going to allow someone steal her boyfriend and then just let them get away with it!

With Bekka trying to expose the RADs in a negative way and with Melody’s friendship with Bekka, many RADs are suspicious that Melody is just trying to get on their good side, but might actually be working with Bekka.

While all this is going on Cleo is working on her fashion photo shoot!

The Ghoul Next Door ends differently than I assumed it would, but on happy terms, that I won’t be giving away. Overall I found the characters to be fun and interesting,  as well as the story! I loved that Cleo brought fashion into the story, I liked the Frankie was so weird, and wanted nothing but to be accepted by Normies and I thought it was very nice that Melody wanted to help her friends, and be a part of this thing.

I’m excited to read the third book, and see what the monster friends next adventure is!!

  • Belinda

    You’ll love the next one just as much.

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