Lisa Reviews: Maggie Stiefvater's - "Forever"


Maggie Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls series!! I loooove!”

Yes, indeed, you’ve witnessed just one, of the many fan girl moments I have. But trust me, this one is totally worth it!

The book I’m reviewing for you today is, Forever by (duuhh) Maggie Stiefvater; the final installment in herseries. PLEASE READ! I want to warn you guys though! I can get a bit excited, and babble the ending or other important things, so if you plan on reading this book or any other in the series, please don’t read the italic parts. Those are things I would consider spoils, and give away important parts. I would never want to ruin such a good series for anyone.

Okay so fan girl moment, check; spoiler warnings, check! Now to the actual review.

Maggie Stiefvater’s series includes three books, #1 Shiver, #2 Linger, and finally #3 Forever. What makes this series so special and unique, is that the cover’s color, is the same color used to print the font inside of the book! Isn’t that crazy??! I’ve never seen any other book, besides children’s books which do that! I think it’s amazing! I feel like this is a huge plus, why? Well people would want to see it for themselves if the font really is the same color as the cover, but to that, they would have to find a book, and crack it open. Which means there’s a huge chance that, that someone who took the time to check the font, might actually start reading the story.

While reading Forever in school, a few of my friends pointed out, that the cover gives them almost a Twilight kind of vibe. Yes that might be true. But no, Wolves of Mercy Falls is nothing like Twilight. It might have wolves, but it doesn’t have anything to do with vampires, nor is the story line even close to the same. But if you’ve read Stephanie Meyer’s series, and you haven’t had enough of a sweet and cute werewolf, than you should definitively pick up this series.

Throughout Shiver and Linger, we got two different perspectives, Sam’s and Grace’s, which I really enjoyed! You get to see what both of them are thinking, and they are truly feeling about themselves and the current situations their in. In Forever, not only do you get Sam and Grace’s side of the story, but you’re also getting Cole (the wolf selected to protect, take care of, and lead the pack once Beck is gone), and Isabel (the straight forward girl, would falls for Cole, but can’t admit it to herself).

These perspectives, do switch from chapter to chapter, but not in any specific order.

I absolutely adored Sam, he seems like the perfect guy, even with his horrible past. His relationship with Grace was one of the big things that made run out to the store, the day Forever came out, and buy it!

Grace on the other hand, is like no character I’ve read about. When she was younger, not only was she attacked but also saved by a wolf. She has weird parents, who care about her, but also let her do whatever she wants, hardly noticing that she’s still alive. Grace just isn’t the average Young Adult book, kind of character, I had a great time reading, and learning more about her.

Cole, the wolf who was selected to lead the pack, once Beck was gone, just like Sam, has his own past. I wasn’t sure if I liked Cole, the first time we meet him in Linger. He just doesn’t seem like the type of guy I would want to hangout or even be around. But by the time I was halfway through Forever, I grew attached to him. Now I like Cole almost as much as I do Sam!

Honestly, Isabel almost reminds me of myself. No I’m not rich, I’m average. And there’s no way my dad would hunt and kill animals, he’s just not that kind of guy. But the way Isabel acts, towards Cole, reminds me of myself when I was in middle school. I’ve never had a boyfriend before (at that time), and I didn’t really trust them. So if one tried to get anywhere near me, I would kind of just push them away. Which she does a lot with Cole.

I really enjoyed all of the characters, and their different personalities, no one was boring, or stuck up. Some how I could relate to each one in a different way, and that was one of the best things about this story.

The story line, and the ending was nothing I expected! Not even close, as I was reading the last page or so, I caught myself with my jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe what happened! Of course I can’t tell you, but I’m sure you’re in for a shocker! The ending was a bit open, I wish it would have left me more satisfied, instead of making me want more! But let’s just hope Maggie Stiefvater has another Wolves of Mercy Falls book up her sleeve!

  • ISBN-13: 9780545259088
  • Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
  • Publication date: 7/12/2011
  • Pages: 400
  • Sales rank: 786
  • Age range: 14 – 17 Years

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