Lisa Reviews: Melissa de la Cruz's - "Blue Bloods"

de la cruz_masqueradeThe Blue Bloods series has had many reviews: some good and some bad. Many people also seemed to be on the fence in their opinions, and I’ve finally decided to start this series and give it a shot. While I I do not find the covers very appealing, I was pretty interested in seeing what Melissa De La Cruz had in store for me. I guess the covers do their job of representing the story of vampires, but I feel like they could have been so much more beautiful and detailed …

After reading so many poor reviews on this series, what ultimately made me push those to the side and ignore them, was the awesome synopsis. I usually don’t grab for historical fiction books, but I thought it was really cool that the author incorporated the Mayflower and the early settlers into her vampire story.

My biggest worry was that this series would turn out to be more like “Twilight” than a modern day vampire story. But after reading about twenty or so pages, I let go of the breath I was holding. Blue Bloods takes place in Manhattan, New York, and revolves around wealthy high school teenagers.

Schuyler, the main character, isn’t feeling like herself. Her veins are turning bright blue underneath her pale skin. Something isn’t right, and Schuyler doesn’t know what to do or who to tell.

There are two different types of Blue Bloods, the immortal ones who live forever and the recycled ones who are always reborn but within different bodies and different life times. For these Blue Bloods to continue to be born and reborn again, before they pass away, they must keep a drop of blood which holds all their memories and thoughts.

de la cruz_bluebloodsWhen these vampires are born, they live what seems to be a normal life, until the age of sixteen. Just like Schuyler, they start to change and regain all of their memories of their old lives.

Blue Bloods are angels who have fallen from heaven. They hope to regain their angelic statuses by being good and just.

After a student is murdered, many Blue Bloods are suspicious that someone is after them, and they take drastic precautions to protect themselves and one another. They fear that Silver Bloods are out to get them. (Silver Bloods are another type of vampire.)

Schuyler is tossed into the middle of this entire thing–dealing with becoming a vampire again and having the Silver Bloods out to  get her. All this while, she’s modelling jeans and going to school.

de la cruz_lost-in-timeSo even though Blue Bloods wasn’t outrageously amazing, I do plan to continue the series. The first book always has a lot of ground to cover and explaining to do, so I understand why it wouldn’t be as action packed.

Now that I got that out of the way…

The things I liked about this book:

  1. The way this world was set up with different types of vampires, Blue Bloods (immortal and recycled) and Silver Bloods. I’m interested in learning more about how these classifications came to be. And how they deal with one another.
  2. I also found it intriguing how the author included the Mayflower and the settlers. This was one of the main reasons I wanted to read Blue Bloods, and it was one of my favorite parts of this book.

Things I didn’t … really like:

  1. I just feel like there were a lot of lose ends that weren’t tied up. I understand that there are more books to this series, but I just felt that the topics brought up in Blue Bloods weren’t completely finished.
  2. Schuyler and her jeans modelling. There are so many girls spending their entire lives preparing, wishing, and compromising everything to become models. But for some reason, Schuyler is dragged to this modelling interview, and basically begged to model … really? She  basically has offers thrown at her!


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