Lisa Reviews: Jon Skovron's - "Misfit"

Welcome to my review of Misfit!

Misfit follows the story of Jael and her journey of finding out about herself and the truth about her mother. Jael’s childhood memories don’t include her mother, but instead include a lot of packing and moving, and things changing. Now that Jael is older, she’s finally wants her dad to explain everything that happened; explain who she is.

But as most dads, Jael’s father doesn’t feel like she’s old enough to understand. He keeps avoiding the subject with the same excuses until Jael corners him and can’t do anything but tell her.

When Jael was just a baby, her demon mother sacrificed herself to Belial, another very strong demon, to save Jael. Being half demon and half human doesn’t Jael less powerful, instead it makes her the opposite. Not very many half breeds exist, so no one really knows how powerful they can become. Because of that, almost all of Hell is after Jael, wanting to get rid of her.

Even with her dad, uncle, and friends on her side, Jael needs to find the strength in herself to defeat her mother’s killer.

Besides the beautiful cover, the decorative chapters and pages, Misfit as an amazing story line, characters and ending! I loved Jael, and her relationship with her cute/smart skater boyfriend, was definately something new! I love paranormal books, so there was no way I wouldn’t enjoy this one, especially with it’s unbelievable ending! Misfit should be on your TBR!

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