Lisa Reviews: Rebecca Lim's "Mercy"

Hello fellow book addicts. Welcome to my review of Mercy by Rebecca Lim! Before I start my “official” review, I just want to say I finished this book in less than two days. I love Rebecca Lim’s writing style and the story really kept me on the edge of my seat. I heard rumors that it is the beginning of a series; I hope to read and review the rest of them!

Mercy really kept me on the edge of my seat from the start to the finish! Imagine if you have no family, no friends, no home, and, as soon as you get used to something, you’re ripped away and forced to start all over again! No one actually wants that (well, I don’t! I love my life how it is right now), but Mercy didn’t have a choice; she’s a soul without a body. She doesn’t remember how old she is, or anything too far into the past.

But Mercy does remember a few things: her height, her hair and eye color, and some different facial features. Mercy jumps from one human girl body to another, never really sure how long she’ll be borrowing it for, or when she’ll be going to the next. It can happen anytime, and anywhere. She can’t leave by choice, no matter how badly she wants to. Mercy only has a vague recollection of who she’s inhabited recently, but knows nothing about her current body. This time inhabiting a body named Carmen, who is on her way to singing camp (with an exceptional voice), Mercy stays with a family that has been through quite a lot recently.

Two years ago, their daughter, Lauren, was kidnapped and never found. Not only has Ryan (their son) lost his twin sister, but in a way, his parents too. While Ryan still believes his sister is somewhere out there alive, his parents have accepted that Lauren is dead and will never come back.  But Ryan doesn’t want to even think about that, and continues searching, but now with Carmen’s help (not knowing it’s Mercy).

Throughout their hunt, Mercy even uses some supernatural powers to help Ryan find out information about his missing sister. By just touching someone, Mercy can sense what things might be nagging at their soul. Unsure of how long she’ll be in Carmen’s body, Mercy’s in a rush to find or find out what happened to Lauren, especially after hearing news about another girl being kidnapped.

I already gave you guys a lot of spoilers, and I don’t want to ruin the story, but two things I can say: it was AMAZING and it left me wanting to read more! I really enjoyed Mercy and can’t wait to read more from Rebecca Lim! Thank you again for stopping by, and checking out my review! Have you read this book? Comment below and let me know what your thoughts are! 😀

Mercy—Rebecca Lim

Published 17 May 2011 by Disney Hyperion

Hardback, 288 pages

ISBN:13: 9781423145172·

ISBN: 1423145178

  • Cels

    Exile is the next in the series and just as awesome!

  • Geewag

    Muse, the third instalment is coming out soon. Can’t wait… Also, I heard that a movie deal is about to be announced. Imagine seeing Mercy on the big screen – AWESOME!!!

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