Lisa Reviews: Sarah McLaughlin's - "Over You"

Everyone’s had tough times in their life, and bumps in the road, some bigger than others. But still, we’ve all experienced the pain and hurt from a broken heart. Everyone’s gone through difficult break ups, while some jump right back up, others take a while to get themselves back together and moving forward.

We’ve all stayed in bed and done nothing the entire day other than stuff our faces with a quart of Tom and Jerry’s and watch sad movies. But that’s where main character Max comes in. She helps girls get through that hurt, and over those first couple of rough days, as well as completely over him.

Max is a strong, confident, and independent teenage girl who runs her own small business, along with her two assistants, where she helps teenage girls get through these difficult breakups. She steps in the very first day, with something to eat and drink, along with first day advice. Then Max is there for the entire process of getting that girl over the guy, which did her wrong, until the girl finally has the chance to prove him just how wrong he was to treat her that way.

With running this small business for almost a complete year, you would never think that Max, herself has gone through such a situation herself. You wouldn’t be able to tell by her attitude that she spent the entire day in bed trying to sleep of this pain, which her customers are going through right then. But yes, she did. It’s actually what caused her to start this business of hers. Max’s mission is to get these girls through this hard time, and be there for them.

After almost an entire year of not having seen or heard from the boy who dumped Max, she can’t believe when she sees him in New York locking lips with another girl. In Over You Max learns just how strong she really is when she needs to decide what she wants for herself.  Even if she had to go through her own treatment system, with her two best friends/assistants, to finally make her decision.

I completely loved Max, and her two best friends. She is an amazing role model for any girl really going through their first break up, or a tough one. Max carries this “swagger”, and confidence that you just wish you could have. She’s down to earth, and REAL. The entire story is REAL. Things don’t just magically work out for her and her customers; like love at first sight.

Also, the guys in the story were believable. What I mean about that is that they did things, and said things that real guys I know would say. They didn’t confess their forever lasting love when they first set eyes on a girl, and they didn’t jump right back when a girl was getting over them. I really liked that the guys were more like guys that I know in person, and not guys that every girls can only dream about having.

The ending was just as satisfying as the rest of the story. Max once again proves how amazingly independent she is, and even admits her wrongs. I do have to admit the ending was a bit predictable, but I didn’t care. I liked the way things ended for Max, and her customers!

Over You was a light fun read, which is always great for the summer time, where most of my time is spend outside, in my backyard or at the beach, reading. While I recommend this book for any girl, I also recommend this book for guys! (WHAAAT? Lisa what are you talking about?) Yes, you GUYS need to read this. Over You will let you in on all our secrets and our way of thinking. So instead of always having to guess what we mean by what were saying, Over You will enlighten you on our thought process!

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