Lisa Reviews: Sarah Mlynowski's – “Don’t Even Think About It”

Mlynoski_donteventhinkaboutitGetting your annual flu shots, you know you’ll most likely wake up the next day with some flu-like symptoms like a fever and a stuffy nose, but never would you assume you’d get telepathic powers…

These New York high school students definitely never thought they would!

They never thought they would be able to overhear their parents having sex in the room next door or that their school nurse had a career in stripping! While the idea of hearing everyone’s thoughts sounds cool, it isn’t as awesome as comics and movies make it seem. When they can hear everyone’s thoughts, they mean EVERY SINGLE PERSON!

The teenagers learn a lot about their classmates, their teachers, their families, and each other. They can’t keep seem to keep any secrets—not that Mackenzie’s cheating on her boyfriend, not that Olivia has a new jerk boyfriend, and not that Tess is crushing on her best friend.

Unsure of what to do with their newly discovered powers, these average teenagers have no idea if they should tell someone and, if so, who? If they did tell, what would they do to them? Would they run crazy tests on them?

But who wouldn’t want to be telepathic? You can easily cheat on tests, know what that cute guy on your date is thinking, and know when someone is gossiping about you!

When the temporary nurse at school starts acting suspiciously and starting to ask questions about the telepathic teenagers, the groups of friends don’t know what to do. Some just want this horrible nightmare to end, and others are afraid of what might happen to them. It’s a tough decision to make, and a decision that will affect the rest of their lives. 

Don’t Even Think About It was a light read when it comes to super powers. The story revolves around NORMAL teenagers, who don’t intend to save or destroy the world with their newly-discovered abilities. Instead, they are much more focused on themselves, their secrets, and the secrets of their peers.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story, I liked the characters, and I liked that it was light-hearted and not dark. But I do have to admit two things—there were a large number of characters and the nurse caught on to them very easily.

At the beginning of the book I was struggling to keep up with who was who, and what everyone was doing. The different perspectives weren’t divided by chapters and they would randomly change between characters.

When the nurse first shows up at the school, she’s on the mission to find this group of teenage students with telepathic patterns. But after only confronting the students twice, they basically spit it out without hesitation. I guess I was hoping the group would avoid her longer and that she would have to REALLY try and get them to admit it instead of just blurting it.

I LOVED Ten Things We Did And Probably Shouldn’t Have, and I loved this one from Sarah Mlynowski as well! Can’t wait to pick up her future books!

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