Lisa Reviews: Veronica Roth's - "Allegiant"

rothe_allegiantAllegiant has been one of the most anticipated books of 2013! With the movie coming out soon, and Insurgent ending the way it did, Allegiant was on many wish lists of book bloggers and every day readers alike! I know a friend of my even had a count down on her phone, reminding her how many days were left until it released and was available in stores.

If you’ve stopped by and checked out my review of Insurgent than you might already know that I wasn’t too happy about it. The story was good, and so was the ending *MIND WAS BLOWN*, but I hated that Tris wasn’t the same Tris I met in Divergent.

Tris builds up her strength and courage throughout the entire first book, but for some reason all that is completely gone in the second. She was even too afraid to pick up a gun! The kick-butt chick I became to know and love just wasn’t in Insurgent.

So I completely adored Divergent, was a little bummed about Insurgent, but was still planning on reading Allegiant, with a small hope that Tris was back to normal.

I’ve already reviewed Allegiant on my blog, Turning Pages. And I feel that the best way to review such a popular and controversial book would be through points. Also I think it will more spoiler free this way for anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to read it yet.

Tris and Four:

I was excited to see Tris was back to herself again, and she wasn’t afraid to pick up a gun! With this start to Allegiant I was excited to see how the rest of it would go… but it that didn’t last all too long. I was glad that Tris was through that weird phase, but now, Four was going through his own.

When he is first introduced, he’s this tough, hard guy, with tattoos. He seems to know what he’s doing, and being part of Dauntless, he seemed afraid of nothing. But during Allegiant, Four spent a lot of time either fearing his father, or following someone else’s lead (Tris or Nita).

Their Relationship:

I liked that Roth included a real relationship in this book, where a couple is going through its ups and downs, like in the real world. But Tris and Four had so many ups and downs it was emotionally exhausting. I felt that they would argue about small dumb things, but then make up by making out.

One argument the couple had was when Tris was telling Four that she doesn’t trust Nita. She never really gave a reason, besides jealousy. This argument seemed like one between five year olds, where Tris would yell, scream and stop her foot with no real reasoning.

Later in the book, when we find out what Nita is, Tris rubs it in Four’s face. Again like a five year old would. Tris almost makes it seem like she’s always right, and Four should just do what she says, all the time.

Liked it, but it was just a little too much.

Other Characters:

They had so much potential, but we didn’t get too see much of them. They were on the back burner most of the story.

The Ending:

This was my favourite part! You won’t believe what happens! I know I didn’t. I had no clue!! Best ending yet!!

So overall, I can say that Divergent was my favorite, then Allegiant, and then Insurgent. Allegiant comes into second because of the ending. I know a lot of people loved it, and I know a lot of people can agree with me. So feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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