Mandy Meets Charlaine Harris

Our beloved staffie Mandy Wrangles got to meet Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, at a bookseller breakfast this week and you can read a full account of it over at Marianne’s Tara Sharp website. However, we want to especially share with all our baby bats the beautiful Burn Bright book Mandy made as a gift for Charlaine.

How many different ways can we say AMAZING!

  • mandy

    Naw, shucks Marianne. Thank you. The Burn Bright colours and theme are so much fun to play with! I did forget to take a pic of the inside – there’s an inscription which says:

    ‘Burn Bright, Charlaine!’
    ‘This book was hand bound for Charlaine Harris on behalf of Marianne de Pierres, Amanda Wrangles and the Burn Bright Web Team’

  • Joelene

    I’ve already commented over at Tara Sharp but I don’t know if there can be enough comments for this. It’s even more lovely with different angles and close-ups.

    You have mad skills, Mandy.

  • I’m trying really hard not to put this all in caps…
    OMG that book is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    Beats the hell out of anything I could whip up at short notice.
    Well done! You do us proud.

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