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Hi Everyone, just wanted to pop in and share some of my latest busy-ness.

I just got back from a few days book tour in Melbourne where I visited some great schools including Sunshine College, Manor Lakes, St Catherine’s (read their blog) and Presentation College.

Also had a most enjoyable kaffee klatsch at the Pancake Manor organised by Braiden from YA Concoction and you can see more photos over at his site. It was brilliant to get an opportunity to see my peeps Al Goodman and Janette Dalgliesh (who is now writing for the Marianne Delacourt site), and meet both Braiden and Skye (In The Good Books). To top it off we got a surprise visit from the lovely Adele Walsh (Persnickety Snark), and Sue Bursztynski popped in on her way to the Nova group meeting. All in all, a great hour or so.

The next day I had a radio interview at 3CR with Jan Goldsmith. We talked all things Burn Bright. The show will be on air next Thursday and the podcast will be available next week as well.

Last port of call was The Pines (library and Dymocks store). Only one brave soul turned up for the talk, but she made it more than worthwhile making the trek there. *Waves* at Julie Haydon. It also meant I got a chance to talk to the wonderful Dymocks manager, Claire, about her other life as a photographer. Wow check out her photos!!! (This is a facebook link; sorry if you’re not hooked up there)

We’re still working on overseas sales for The Night Creatures trilogy, so hang in there! Special shout out to Fay Bear and all those spreading Burn Bright love to overseas readers.

Now some news for YOU. My publisher has announced a fantastic competition. Make a 90 second book trailer of one of a selection of their books and win $1000 cash plus a heap of books for you school.

You can watch the competition information video on my new YourTube site or on the Random House site.

Of course you know which book I’ll be hoping you choose! Ahem.

There’s been a bunch of reviews continuing to flow in, especially from GoodReads. Here are links to a few of them; Tracey Lea, CBCA blog, In The Good Books, Kate Gordon.

And finally, some new interviews/blogs are up at She Who Is Known as Jess and Strange Candy with others to come soon for We Love YA Blog, Fragments of Life, Adventures of a Bookanaut and ReelSwellBlog.

St Catherine's author visit (courtesy of their blog)

St Catherine's author visit ( photo courtesy of their blog)

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