Spotlight On: Chris Glabb

Chris GlabbChristopher Glabb

Even though he’s only 15, Chris has not only run 2 blogs, but also creates videos on YouTube, at currently blogs at

The only things he loves more than creating online content are cats, and coffee.


How long have you been writing for MDPWeb, why did you join the group, and what do you like about being part of it?

I think I’ve been working with Marianne for about a year now. I joined because they were in need of a proper Fashion Blogger. What I love about the amazing group is the close knit relationship between all of us!

What creative piece are you working on, and what author would you liken your work too?

Recently, I’ve been focusing on a lot of video content on YouTube. Other than videos, I’ve been branching out my writing to more genres of writing, including an teen advice column.

What book have you most enjoyed reviewing for MDPWeb?

I don’t do a lot of book reviewing, but I have reviewed one book, and it was an amazing book about the incredible fashion in Shanghai.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your downtime?

When I have extra time, I enjoy playing with cats, and creating online  all kinds of content.

Is there somewhere else online/in bookstores we can find your work?

If you want to see my writing, you can visit my blog, If you’re more into video content, you can find me at

What’s your favourite TV series?

I adore the show Americas Next Top Model because I’ve really developed a liking for Tyra Banks!

Who or what is your current crush?

Currently, I have a huge fashion crush on septum piercings. I don’t know why, but I think they’re so in right now.

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