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Natasha Obrien-HA, B, C, D, LGBTQ+

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LGBTQ-abcdSo what’s in a name anyway? Well when we are talking about LGBTQ+ labels, a lot can be in a name. LGBTQ+ individuals use many different LGBTQ+ labels to self identify. A lot of self exploration goes into adopting a LGBTQ+ label. These labels are very rooted in identity and identity politics. So it’s very important to queer people that they are addressed with the right labels. Here is a quick reference list to help you get familiar with some of the most commonly used LGBTQ+ labels. 


Gay: A person who is attracted primarily to members of the same sex. Although it can be used for any sex, it is primarily used to refer to males who are attracted to other males 


Lesbian: A female who is attracted to other women.


Bisexual: A person who is attracted to both persons of both sexes. 


Transgender: Is an umbrella term used to identify persons who do not identify with their assigned gender at birth (CIS gender) or the binary gender system, for example, a person born biologically male who feels they are in fact female. Many transgendered people do not identify with the male-female gender binary. Rather, they feel they exist outside it or in between. Persons with this perspective can also overlap with GENDERQUEER.


Genderqueer: Genderqueer persons possess identities which reject the traditional male-female sexual binary. They do not feel they are either male or female, but rather a blend of the two or a third neutral gender. These persons may also identify as ADROGYNOUS 


Androgynous: Having an appearance that is gender neutral that posses characteristics of both sexes. 


Pansexual: A person who is attracted to persons of all gender identities and expressions. Including Trans and Genderqueer persons.


Queer: Is a general umbrella term used to refer to ANYONE from the LGBTQ+ community. If you are ever in doubt on what label to use to refer to someone you can always use this term.


So there you have it: a quick list of LGBTQ+ definitions. Remember, it’s always best practice to ask someone how they identify rather then assuming their sexuality and gender based on their appearance. When it comes to labels, it’s all about SELF identification. So let’s always honour how our friends choose to identify. 


Best xx



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