Thank You Bloggers and Goodreaders!

This is a quick shout out to all those who have been blogging about Burn Bright coming out in March 2011 – we love you for doing it!! To thank you for your support we’re going to try and keep track of who has mentioned the book on their site before publication, and when the time comes, Bec will draw three names from the hat for free autographed copies. If you have friends that have mentioned Burn Bright, that we might have missed, please drop us a line and we’ll add them to THE LIST.

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Also a big thanks to all those Goodreads members who’ve already added Burn Bright and Angel Arias to their TO READ list. We’ll be doing giveaways there as well. Burn Bright is now on a bunch of lists, so if you are a member, feel free to vote for it.

There are some early reader copies now floating around, so if you listen closely to the wire you might hear some advance snippets. Meanwhile have a great Xmas. We’ve got some Top 5 picks coming up for you, and Belinda’s Tips for Dating One of Santa’s Elves.

Burn Bright, baby bats!

Marianne x

  • Cels

    Huury up the next 81 days!!!!

  • mdepierres

    yeah, it’s killing me 🙂

  • I can’t wait for this books!! The cover it’s awesome!!

  • Marianne

    Hi Cassie!
    Thank you!


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